Valentine’s Day Paper Gift Guide and GIVEAWAY!

Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap. While some people are thrilled to show their love for their significant other’s on this Hallmark holiday, some choose to bash the whole day entirely. While I’ve played on both sides of the field in the past, I choose to now look at Valentine’s Day as a day to just spread love, period.

There are plenty of important people in your life that I’m sure you don’t show you care as often as you’d like (#neverbeenso guilty), whether it be your significant other, your best friend, your mom, your cat, your work wife, your favorite barista, etc. And if you do, keep on keeping on.

Let’s face it, we’re all knee deep in winter with it’s dark and moody days, let’s liven 2017. It’s hard to be doom and gloom, when you’ve got a hot pink journal staring back at you! I’ve teamed up with Graphique de France, who graciously sent me a few items from their Valentine’s Day line, to put together the perfect gift guide for the people in your life! They even want to send a lucky follower some of these items too, scroll to the bottom of the post for more information on this GIVEAWAY!!

What better way to show another human, or yourself, you care than by gifting them a pop of color. Here’s THE gift guide that will have you winning Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide and GIVEAWAY!

Gold Heart Notepad  | Rose Gold Striped Tumbler  | You’re a Fox Card | Be Beautiful Pen | Perfect Pair Card | Vintage Blog Journal | Will Always Love You Card |

What better way to tell your blogger bestie that you love her, than with this HOT vintage blog journal??

Or your significant other that you’re a huge fan, than with this ‘you’re a fox’ card?

Tell your co-worker you appreciate your water cooler meet-ups with this rose gold striped tumbler!

Head on over to my instragram to enter the giveaway to win the items below! The giveaway goes live today (1/30) and closes 2/3.

Valentine's Day Paper Gift Guide and GIVEAWAY!


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