Tapas In The City is Every Baltimore Foodie’s New BFF {Discount Inside}

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I’m about as indecisive as they come, especially when it comes to food. I will spend a ridiculous amount of time scanning a menu online for a restaurant to then head over to Instagram and Yelp to see which photos look the most appealing to then agonize even further once I enter the restaurant and watch every plate of food pass me by.  What if I make the wrong choice? What is the prettiest dish (#bloggerproblems)? What is the tastiest? What flavor am I feeling that night? So many decisions. I want to try everything. How can we taste seven dishes without breaking the bank or the scale?

Enter Tapas In The City.

How this concept hasn’t existed until now is beyond me. Yes, there are Tapas specific restaurants, but Tapas In The City is revolutionizing this idea and making it available at Non-Tapas restaurants. The brains behind this genius concept are fellow Baltimore foodie’s Jordan (@jzeats) and Rachel (@liketheteaeats). These two get it. Their love of presentation and quality ensures that there will be good lighting, beautiful plating, pretty décor and of course, delicious food. This is a foodie’s dream. How often do you have a beautifully plated bite, but horrendous lighting or a delicious bite that looks like slop? Not here. You know when you attend a Tapas In The City event, you’re walking away with a camera full of social media-worthy photos to make all your friends jealous.

I had the honor of attending the latest Tapas In The City event at Rachel in Federal Hill. Being a Canton resident, I barely make it across the water, BUT the menu items and photos @tapasinthecity was posting leading up to the event were pure motivation. {Another perk of Tapas In The City, it encourages you to try new spots in different locations!}

Of course, the menu was completely laid out for you at an adorably decorated family style table.

Tapas In The City is The Indecisive Foodie's New BFF

My husband and I opted for the traditional menu with drink pairings. They also offer a pescatarian menu at most events, as well as an option without drink pairings. We were welcomed with a peach sangria that was TO DIE FOR and a table full of additional goodies that weren’t listed on the menu. Hi Goat Cheese Mousse. Salmon Dip. Roasted Pork Loin.

Tapas In The City is The Indecisive Foodie's New BFF
c/0 @tapasinthecity
Tapas In The City is The Indecisive Foodie's New BFF
c/o @tapasinthecity

The first course was a red leaf salad with goat cheese, roasted tomato and a basil vinaigrette. Now I’m not going to lie, I don’t LOVE salad. It’s normally bland and boring.  I NEVER clean my salad plate. I normally push things around until the waiter finally clears.  I cleaned my plate. My husband was shocked.

Tapas In The City is The Indecisive Foodie's New BFF

The second course was Gravlox on Crostini. It was so tasty. The capers were the perfect compliment.
Tapas In The City is The Indecisive Foodie's New BFF

How adorable is Tapas In The City Co-Founder, Jordan, staring lovingly at this course, surely mimicking how we were all feeling.

Tapas In The City is The Indecisive Foodie's New BFF
c/o @jzeats

Now here’s where stuff got real. The waiter brought out the second drink pairing of rose, which hello is my favorite. And then brought out this bowl of a panko crusted runny egg. h o l y s h * t.

Tapas In The City is The Indecisive Foodie's New BFF

Next up was a refreshing glass of white wine paired with panko crusted chicken. #pankoeverything. The chicken was so juicy and perfectly crispy.

Tapas In The City is The Indecisive Foodie's New BFFc/o @liketheteaeats

So here is when things started to get tough. I was starting to get full. These aren’t small portions. I knew we had two courses left. A steak and a Nutella smeared dessert. What choice did I have, but to keep going. I’m not a quitter.

This piece of meat was PERFECTLY cooked and came along side a PERFECT glass of red wine.

Tapas In The City is The Indecisive Foodie's New BFF

The show stopper. The chocolate ricotta pound cake with Nutella smear and vanilla ice cream. I didn’t care how full I was, I was taking a bite. Ok I ate the whole thing and maybe licked my plate.

Tapas In The City is The Indecisive Foodie's New BFF

Thanks to Tapas In The City, I gained 5 lbs, had good conversation AND found a new favorite restaurant. I will 100% be back to Rachel and without Tapas In The City, I probably would have never walked in, so shout out to them for also helping out our local small businesses.

Want to get in on the Tapas action? Use code ‘neverbeenso’ for a discount on their next two events: Barcocina on April 18 and Cardinal Tavern on May 22. I’ve been to both and you don’t want to miss what these girls have up their sleeves. Get your tickets HERE. You gotta move fast, these events sell out quick!

Follow Tapas In The City for more events and drool-worthy photos:

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