The Denim Skirt Revamped

We all know that trends are on this continuous cycle where they are on high priority and after some time disappear (or we throw them so far away, we think we’ll never see them again).

Enter: The Denim Skirt.

10 years ago, the denim skirt was a staple in my closet. The short mini went with me everywhere. And like it’s trusty retailers (i.e. Hollister, A&F and Wet Seal), all of a sudden, I couldn’t bear to look at it. I wanted nothing to do with it (or them).

But as trends do, they get a face lift and they make a come back. (Hence: why I’m struggling so hard to get rid of things now, but that’s for another post). And the denim skirt is one I’ve never been so unsure about letting back in, until I saw the midi and maxi options. Boy, am I loving them.
REVOLVE Sale 061616 728x90 Floral
They’re not only a great casual day option, but they’re easily dressed up for a more polished night look. So in today’s post I’m giving you one of each.

This one is definitely perfect for daytime, think weekend wineries or brunch. Pair it with a tank and bring along a cape incase it gets chilly.

The Denim Skirt Revamped
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The Denim Skirt Revamped
The Denim Skirt Revamped The Denim Skirt Revamped
Bonus Bauble!The Denim Skirt Revamped The Denim Skirt Revamped The Denim Skirt Revamped

TOP: Anthropologie | SKIRT: Levi’s (found on sale at Anthropologie in store) | CAPE: sold out, similar here | SUNGLASSES: Madewell | NECKLACE: Brightside (use code ‘neverbeenso’ for 15% off) | CHOKER: ASOS


The first is this adorable maxi by Pistola. I only snapped one shot since we were moving quick in Scottsdale, but I loved it so much, I had to share. Pair it with an off the shoulder body suit and you’re instantly night ready.

The Denim Skirt Revamped

TOP: Nordstrom | SKIRT: Brightside (right now only available in store)


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  1. April 17, 2017 / 5:25 pm

    HAHA – Wet Seal – I totally forgot about that place until you mentioned it. Oh the money I spent there! What a throw back!

    Also, loving that jean skirt. A def must have.

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