4th of July Looks: Then & Now

I’ve always been one to take themed occasions to an extreme. I love dressing the part. Like really getting into it. Just to give you an idea, Cinco de Mayo circa 2013…while my friends were standing behind a cardboard cut out, there I am in full garb on the right (no cut out, no problem)…..

I can feel the aging process happening. It’s real. A few years ago, I used to scoff at the thought of staying in on a Friday night and now it’s all I dream of during the week. But I can really SEE it through my style when I look back at old photos. That being said, while my love for themes hasn’t changed entirely, it’s just shifted a bit. I’ve gone from wearing the most ridiculous outfits, for instance, on 4th of July of years past, throwing every single bit of red, white and blue on that I owned….

4th of July – 2013 ^^

4th of July – 2014 ^^

to showing my love for America a bit more tastefully….

4th of July – 2017 ^^

I love the new 4th of July line from ILY Couture. It includes graphics and subtle hints of flare, pairing any of these pieces with denim will look amazing. I love adding just a touch of red next to the blues and whites, so that it still pops; I did this via a handbag or other accessory.

TOP: ILY Couture (a few other favorites here, here & here) | DENIM SKIRT : Levi’s (a few other favorites here, here & here) | SANDALS: Jeffrey Campbell (sold out, similar here) | BAG: Skagen


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