The Revolutionary Way to Consignment Shop

I’ve been a fan of consignment shopping since my love for fashion began. It started in college when I was nannying for a family in Towson. The mom of the family mentioned selling her clothes at local consignment shops. While I wish she would have just donated them to her broke, college nanny (she had great taste), I realized that she was selling beautiful pieces she wore only once or twice at huge discounts and that I needed to be a part of that. I started spending my free time (which was a lot) at a few small consignment boutiques I stumbled across. I loved thinking up what story came along with every pre-owned article of clothing, every pair of shoes or piece of jewelry.

While hunting through racks to find a piece that speaks to me is fun, it’s time consuming and I no longer have as much free time as I used to. Sites like Poshmark and Thredup are great, but you never know exactly what you’re getting.

Enter Current Boutique.

Owner, Carmen Lopez, founded Current Boutique in 2007 and has been killing it in the DC/Virginia area since. While DC/Virginia aren’t far from me, my favorite part about Current Boutique is the online site. Again, back to the lack of free time, the online site is chock full of designer pieces that will instantly fill your cart and better yet, you can shop from anywhere! Current Boutique prides itself on providing the best quality to its customers. Their team triple checks for defects and authenticity. They even go as far to list the condition the item is in: New With Tags, Excellent, Very Good or Good. When you purchase from Current Boutique, you know exactly what you’re getting. They also have a “Trends” section where you can shop the latest trends such as Bold Ruffles, Chic & Easy, Festival Essentials, Summer Soiree, etc.  

Carmen was sweet enough to send me a few items to try out and I’ve #neverbeenso impressed with the quality. The shoes (Stuart Weitzman) and dress (Hale Bob) in this look are from Current Boutique and you’d never know these were pre-owed pieces. Together these two pieces would retail for well over $500, but at Current Boutique they were under $200. I took them along with me on our Honeymoon and they fit the scene perfectly.
The Revolutionary Way to Consignment Shop The Revolutionary Way to Consignment Shop
The Revolutionary Way to Consignment Shop

Carmen also sent me this A D O R A B L E Kate Spade straw clutch (under $100!!) that will be on repeat all summer!

The Revolutionary Way to Consignment Shop The Revolutionary Way to Consignment Shop The Revolutionary Way to Consignment Shop

And Current Boutique isn’t just for buyers; anyone across the USA can mail in items to sell. They provide a free shipping label and you ship to them to sell for you. Super Easy! 

So go check out Current Boutique online or in store if you’re in the area! & use code ‘NEVERBEENSO’ for 15% off your entire purchase! 


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