Bumpdate – 23 Weeks

Bumpdate - 23 Weeks

This is the week we head on our BABYMOON! I’m not going to lie we checked the weather a week ago and it showed low 40s and solid rain for the entire weekend and I was about this close to cancelling the whole thing. What pregnant woman wants to take an 8 hour road trip for the cold and rain..not this girl. As you probably know, I’m a creature of the weather and I wasn’t having that. But my optimistic husband suggested we wait it out and see what happens. Well, here we are the day of the trip and it shows mid-60s and sun throughout the weekend, its his good luck, I swear. It may not be swimsuit weather, but as long as I don’t have to wear my winter coat that won’t zip, I’m happy.

We’ve been doing a lot around the house and prepping for baby, that we are in need of this weekend away to dive headfirst into good food, breweries (for Will) and hopefully some outdoor activities; Mother Nature has been relentless lately.

Baby Clayton is the size of a…

grapefruit, measuring at about 11.3 inches and 1.10 lbs…I have to ask myself “but what about all those other lbs?!”


I’m still feeling good. I feel some tightening in my stomach, which is apparently my skin stretching to make room for baby. I keep looking down wondering when this belly button is going to pop, it feels like it could be any second. I felt her move for the first time and she’s since been active, mainly when I eat Mexican food..like mother, like daughter. Will is still waiting to feel her. He reads to her every night since she’s now able to hear things from the outside. I can’t wait to add more books to her library because we’ve basically memorized the one book we have.


HALO TOP – RAINBOW SWIRL. Confession, I’ve never really gotten into Halo Top. People rave about it and I’ll try recommended flavors and I’m constantly disappointed. But with my recent craving of sorbet-type cold treats, I decided to give Rainbow Swirl a try and oh my gosh. I finished the entire pint in one day. I don’t know if this is a good thing or bad thing, but 280 calories per pint makes me feel a little less guilty.

Blender Bombs. Helen of Hush Up and Hustle created these little beauties and they’ve become a huge staple in my daily routine. Popping them in a smoothie with spinach, nut butter, fruit and coffee tend to keep me fuller longer, which is what I’m really needing these days. Full post to come, but if you can’t wait, use code ‘yourturn!’ for 15% off your purchase – cacao, almond butter & coffee is one of my go to flavors!


I’m out of breath ALL THE TIME. I walk up a flight of stairs and it’s hard for me to make a sentence. Apparently Baby is commandeering space on the inside and the lungs get shoved to the side, so this is a change that’s here to stay until the end.

I’m not going to lie, I’m struggling with the weight gain. It’s happening so quick. It’s hard not to compare myself to other pregnant women who are are as far along as me or even further and notice them not gaining nearly as much. But I have to keep reminding myself, I’m creating life and the comparison game is no more wanted here than it is in everyday non-pregnant life.


ASOS Maternity has been a GOD SEND. Now that this bump is growing by the second, I am no longer able to wear much of what I had prior to pregnancy. A lot of maternity-only sites are pretty expensive, but I’ve found really affordable options at ASOS and they’re shipping/return policies are awesome. What I love about ASOS is a lot of their maternity options are also available in non-maternity, so something I fall in love with now, I can likely purchase again when I’m no longer pregnant. Two of my favorites below:

I’ve also gotten lucky with a few non-maternity oversized shirts that fit the bump nicely that I’ll link here!

I also fell in love with this Ingrid and Isabel MAMA denim jacket. I’m wearing it already because well, hey, I’m a mama to be. Denim jackets in general have been a go to over tshirts, like this one from FRAME Denim:

Bumpdate - 23 WeeksBumpdate - 23 WeeksBumpdate - 23 WeeksHair: Sarah Goldsborough | Makeup: Styledby_Debbe | Photography: April Green | Jewels: Rachel Mulherin


We got a crib!! I went to that Restoration Hardware Warehouse Sale that I always talk about and I found the most perfect white crib..what really made it perfect was that it was 75% OFF! All items that end up at the RH Warehouse Sale have to be structurally compliant and are only there because of cosmetic damages. This one had a few scratches, but only on the backside that will face the wall, so it was a no brainer.

We’re still in need of dressers, bookcases, and general decor.


The Peloton! I’ve never been much of a cycler, that was always Will’s thing, but we got a great deal on one, so we added it. As much as I love my barre classes, it has gotten harder to drive all the way into the city when I’m only going for the class, so some days it’s just easier to hop on the bike. I have to modify due to my lack of endurance, BUT I always feel great after a class!


Giving Birth. I mean everything related to baby gives me anxiety, but on the top of the list right now is birth, mainly because we have an all day birthing class next Saturday. Most people have said we don’t need this, but I think it’ll calm my nerves to have some sort of idea of what to expect, even if I forget it all when the time comes. It’ll provide some sense of calm now. I can’t wait (/am semi-terrified) to see what 8 hours entails.



  1. Anne Wade
    March 29, 2018 / 7:27 am

    Hey, Ashley! Love keeping up with your bumpdates! You’re going to love the birthing class. It was so educational and Matt and I enjoyed just getting to understand what exactly goes down when…it’s going down. Also-learning what the lingo means is so helpful…dilation just doesn’t seem quite as important as effacement after the class haha! The weight gain was the worst part for me and I still am struggling to get rid of my last 10-15 lbs. But then, I’m like shiiiiiit this body grew a damn human being. Who gives about that last 10-15 lbs?! Lol. My saving grace when it came to maternity clothing was pinkblush. I’m sure you’ve heard of the site, but if not, it seems like you might love it! Have fun in Asheville! LOVE it there. You have to go to French Broad for some delish chocolates! Lookin’ good, Momma!

  2. Debbie
    March 29, 2018 / 9:21 am

    Ashley don’t worry ….calm your nerves …you’ll do great! It helps a lot to go to the class. It will help Will too to be able to make you feel more relaxed. As far as gaining the weight …do you remember Niki gained a lot of weight with Isabelle and Niki looks great now. So enjoy these next few months and no worries! You look beautiful! Can’t wait to meet her!

  3. March 29, 2018 / 9:22 am

    Girl, I am SO with you on the weight gain. I feel HUGE. My sister is also pregnant and about as far along as you are, and her belly is TINY compared to mine. It’s crazy how pregnancy is so different for every woman! I just keep trying to remind myself of that.

    I’m also getting super winded ALL THE TIME. Flights of stairs, walks with my dog, you name it! I feel like an old person some times lol. All part of the process right!??

    Have so much fun on your Babymoon! Can’t wait to follow along!

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