Bumpdate – 26 Weeks

Bumpdate - 26 Weeks

Bumpdate - 26 Weeks

I can’t believe we’re under the 100 day countdown until our due date! Time has flown by. Its only going to go faster as we have some pretty fun activities coming up! Bachelorettes, Bridal Showers, Weddings! And little girl is coming along for the ride! I’m trying to soak up the last few weeks of the second trimester since I hear the energy ramps back down once you hit the third.

Baby Clayton is the size of a…

a bunch of kale (or tickle me elmo – which seems huge), measuring at about 14 inches and 1.68 lbs.


One word..HEARTBURN! All day and all night. It’s definitely the worst I’ve ever had and it doesnt matter what I eat, so basically I have an absurd amount of TUMS with me at all times. Otherwise I’m still feeling good. I feel her moving A LOT, its so crazy. I have no idea how shes positioned because I feel her moving all over the place. Will has even started to feel her now, he reads to her at night and she actually seems to respond to his voice, (excuse me while my heart melts).


I don’t really have any weird cravings. Maybe the weirdest is vanilla flavored things and thats only weird for me. I have always been a chocolate girl, which I still am, but I’ve been much more interested in things like vanilla frozen yogurt and ice cream. We’ve been cooking a lot (because I love our kitchen) and variations of cauliflower rice have been on rotation – I’m trying to limit my carbs where I can. This cilantro lime cauliflower rice is a GAME CHANGER – Will isnt a fan of the cauliflower rice fad, but he actually said this was delicious, we use it as a base for burrito bowls and I could have it 3x a week.


So everyone raves about their hair turning disney-princess style when they’re pregnant due to the pre-natal vitamins and I’m just not on that train. My hair never really grew throughout the pregnancy and now I’m actually noticing it falling it out more than usual. Anyone know why??

My sinuses are becoming a real problem. I feel like I can never breathe normally, especially at night. They say this is common, especially when carrying high like I am, because baby is basically pushing everything upward and that means more things in your nasal tract ha. So sleeping has become an issue because I just can’t teach myself to be a mouth breather :0


I can only imagine what my UPS/FEDEX delivery guy thinks of me. The amount of online shopping I’ve done recently is more than I’ve ever done. Now that I have no worries about my packages getting stolen, I feel like I don’t even shop IRL anymore. So its a constant battle of trying out new sizes, whether I’m going maternity or just sizing up in non-maternity. Thank goodness for free shipping and free returns. Nordstrom, ASOS, Old Navy and JCrew have been my go-tos. I can’t wait to share the couple maternity swim suits I got for this summer!

These Beyond Yoga leggings are AMAZING! An expectant mom in one of my Pure Barre classes recommended just sizing up (they’re non-maternity) and I’m obsessed! I love the blue color and the stretch they provide. They feel like butter.

Also, Pink Blush’s dresses are adorable. The one below is linked here. And I just got another semi-formal one for a wedding we have this weekend – I’ll be sharing soon!

The Maternity Maxi You Need This Spring | Shopping with Pink Blush The Maternity Maxi You Need This Spring | Shopping with Pink Blush


AH so I have a super fun partnership coming to the blog over the next few months and I can’t wait to share it! I’ll be doing a series of blog posts dedicated to the nursery and big ticket pieces I chose and why. Stay tuned ūüôā


This pregnancy pillow. I actually ordered it a few months ago, but only recently started loving it and seeing how much I really needed it. It provides so much support to my lower back and my legs. There are plenty of options out there, this off-brand is affordable and does the job for me so far.

Body Butters. I’ve been using various body butters since around 12 weeks, but now that I’m actually seeing a belly, there’s something so soothing about buttering it up.

Bumpdate - 26 Weeks Bumpdate - 26 Weeks


So we had the 8 hour birthing class. Can we talk about overkill? There were a few good points and we toured the hospital, but it definitely could’ve been condensed into 2-3 hours. What I learned most? Is that no one knows what they’re doing or what to expect. Every question asked had an answer of “it depends.” No ones labor and delivery story is the exact same, so it lessened a bit of my anxiety to just know that no one knows.


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