Bumpdate – 32 Weeks

Bumpdate - 32 Weeks

We are within a 60 day countdown until Baby Clayton’s arrival and I can’t even wrap my head around that. The last month FLEW BY as I was traveling all over the place for bachelorette parties. While I definitely was able to handle them better than I thought I would, I am happy to be ground-bound from here on out. I was told several horror stories of women giving birth in the air or giving birth early in the destination that was not their home and I was not all about that.

We did a maternity photo shoot this past week and I cannot wait to share the photos with you guys! I’ve done a couple sneaks on instagram, but waiting for the entire gallery before I share on the blog! So stay tuned!

Baby Clayton is the size of a…

a squash (must be the biggest squash ever), measuring at about 16.6 inches and 3.75 lbs.


I’ve actually had a surprising amount of energy over the last few weeks, but this week the exhaustion is back in full swing. I find myself sinking into the couch rewatching VPR season 1 (because who can deny throwbacks of that cast) and The O.C. (thank you Hulu) reruns. I know I know, I need to work out, but the struggle is real. I’ve been living off of the Peloton Beyond the Ride quick workouts to get me through.


After watching the What The Health documentary, Will and I have been focusing on vegan/vegetarian recipes when cooking at home. This has made the heartburn subside tremendously. But its definitely hard to keep up with when traveling and eating out on the weekends. Every delicious bite of that Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich in Nashville had me in turmoil knowing what was coming next aka ‘fire throat.’


If you follow my instagram, you know at about 28 weeks, one of the OBs told me I had gained too much weight this far into pregnancy and gained the most I should for the pregnancy in general. That was tough as hell to hear. I felt ashamed and worried. But I decided to share this with my followers and I was overwhelmed with the positive support I received. It made me realize my body is going to do what it needs to do for this baby and women shouldn’t all be lumped into the same mold. I’ve since been to two different OBs at my practice both of which have said “you’re perfect” and “he’s crazy,” so needless to say, I feel a lot less guilty about treating myself over the next 8 weeks of pregnancy.

Bumpdate - 32 Weeks

Bumpdate - 32 Weeks

But it doesn’t mean that everyday is easy, I still feel like I’m the size of a bus sometimes, I see women post their bare bellies all the time and I constantly feel like I could never, but here goes for the first time…

Bumpdate - 32 Weeks


We’re having a NO PANTS PARTY over here until this baby arrives. The only time I really have on pants is when I workout. I’ve been living in this SPANX shapewear under my dresses during these warmer days because it stops the chub rub (ooh sexy!)

I make an exception for pants if its the loosest of jumpsuits, but thats it!


We got SO much done this weekend and I’m already obsessed. Again, I have a full series of nursery posts comin at ya, I’m a little behind because ya know..pregnancy, but I’ll get there. Stay tuned.


PAJAMA SETS! I’m used to wearing a non-matching tank top and pants while lounging, but I’ve lately found the cutest button down pajama sets and I’m buying them all. I’ve heard these are great for nursing, so why not get a head start. I feel so much more put together for bed time, which is usually when i spent a ton of time looking in the mirror at how much I’ve grown, so even making that little change gives my confidence a boost 🙂


I’m not going to lie, the idea of giving birth is totally overwhelming. I’m in a facebook group of other women who are due at the same time as me and several of them went into labor at 31/32 weeks and that is straight up terrifying. While there are days I want her out whether its because I need wine, I want to meet her or I’m just straight up uncomfortable, but I can’t imagine not having the next 8 weeks to get prepared for her. But at the end of the day, we have to be ready for whatever happens. So I’m feeling grateful for everyday we still have to spend together as a couple before our sweet girl comes into the world.


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