Nursery Reveal – Part One

Disclosure | While this post is in partnership with buybuy BABY, a brand I love, all opinions are always my own.

I’m so excited to start this nursery reveal series! For those of you who know me, I’m probably one of the most indecisive people on this planet, and planning our baby girl’s nursery proved that I have not grown out of this trait. I think I’ve actually become more indecisive in this process because these items are related to A TINY HUMAN!

Surprisingly, the first thing we got for the nursery was the glider/rocker. Not even the crib. I had seen so many posts about the chair being one of the most important items you’ll buy because you’ll be spending SO MUCH time sitting in it, feeding in it, rocking your baby to sleep in it, sleeping in it yourself etc. So originally I was looking at chairs online (at many different stores) and I was so overwhelmed.

Finally, we decided to actually go test some out. We actually went to Pottery Barn first, but not only did they only have 2-3 chairs in stock to try out, they don’t post reviews on their website. This was a big concern of mine, so we drove out to the closest buybuy BABY location (Rockville) and they had such a big selection. Will and I probably spent an hour trying out various chairs between rockers, gliders, rocker/gliders, etc. The registry consultant was so helpful pointing us in the direction of best sellers and giving us the pros/cons of several. Highly highly recommend working with one of their expert registry consultants to answer your every question and give you their specialized knowledge! It totally helped an indecisive first time mom like myself.

After much deliberation, we went with the Bassettbaby Premier Peyton Swivel Glider. Not only was it comfortable, but it had the modern simplistic look I was going for. We ended up getting it in the ‘bone’ color (aka white), which many people tried to stray me away from, but hoping the performance fabric lives up to its hype and stays relatively clean for a short while! It arrived in a few short weeks with no assembly required. I’m OBSESSED with it. It is SO comfortable and I love that it swivels. I didnt think I cared about the swivel option, but now that we have it, I love that I’ll be able to easily turn to look out the window during long feeding or sleeping sessions.

One of my favorite things about this chair is that it’s transitional, meaning you can put this in other spaces of your home and it’ll fit right in! There are a ton of gliders that I wouldn’t be caught dead putting in my family room or living room, but this beauty is welcome anytime.

I paired the glider/rocker with a light blush fringe pillow and a tan ottoman to keep with my neutral vision for the nursery.

Nursery Reveal - Part One - The Rocker / Glider DebateNursery Reveal - Part One - The Rocker / Glider DebateNursery Reveal - Part One - The Rocker / Glider Debate

Seriously, I can’t recommend the team of expert consultant at buybuy BABY enough, I only wish there was a location closer to me, but it is absolutely worth the drive! I can’t wait to snuggle our sweet girl in this beautifully made chair.

Stay tuned for other aspects of the nursery coming up in the next part of the series!

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