Bumpdate – 35 Weeks

We are in the home freakin stretch, ladies and gents. Its hard to believe. Since my last bumpdate, we had our baby shower and there are so many people waiting to meet our sweet girl. I know I owe you guys a detailed post of our baby shower, time has gotten away from me, I promise its coming, but until then here’s a sneak peak!

Bumpdate - 35 Weeks - with Never Been So

Baby Clayton is the size of a…

a pineapple, measuring at about 18.1 inches and 5.07 lbs.


I feel accomplished AF that all of my big events are over and I was able to make it to each and every one of them! Back when we found out we were pregnant and I knew how many events I had to travel for and be a part of, I’m not gonna lie, I was nervous. But because I’ve had a relatively easy pregnancy, it really wasn’t too bad, other than being tired! I can’t wait to show baby girl how many special events she got to attend before she was even born!

This week I havent been feeling too hot, I think its my body finally telling me that now that these events are over, I need to chill out. I’ve been experiencing serious fatigue, cold symptoms and nausea. It doesn’t help that the heat has also been rearing its ugly head so fresh air is basically out of the question. Hoping this is just a quick spout and easily resolved with rest and fluids.


As I mentioned in the last bumpdate, we’ve been trying to incorporate as many vegan meals as possible and while we’re still on that train, I’m also allowing myself to splurge a bit, knowing that as soon as this baby pops out, we’re back to the real deal in trying to get rid of this baby weight. My inlaws brought down my absolute favorite ice cream from a place up in NJ, Hoffman’s, and I’d be lying if I didnt treat myself on a regular occasion – but if not for eating, what else is ice cream good for?!


The swollen stage has officially begun. I made it to 35 weeks before I actually had to take my rings off and let my sausages breathe. I still wear them if I’m home in the AC, but while I’m out in this heat, its a deal breaker. My feet too – I spent the past two weekends at weddings and after spending all day getting hair and makeup, posing for photos, standing at the ceremony and dancing at the reception, my feet were unrecognizable. I dont think there’s much I can do in this department – just another glorious part of pregnancy ­čÖé


MAXIS MAXIS MAXIS. And non-maternity I might add. We’re too far in the game to still be buying maternity clothes, so I’m just making others work for me. I shared some of my favorites in my latest trunk club haul┬á(the ones below are included!). They’ve seriously been a lifesaver.

Bumpdate - 35 Weeks - with Never Been So

Bumpdate - 35 Weeks - with Never Been So

For those of you who missed it, this dress is my ABSOLUTE favorite if you need a dressy form fitting flattering non-maternity option!

Bumpdate - 35 Weeks - with Never Been So

I also have to tell you guys about the bridesmaid dress fiasco I got myself into. So before I found out I was pregnant, I ordered bridesmaids dresses for my two friends’ weddings. Then BOOM, a few weeks later, we found out we were pregnant. One store allowed me to exchange for a bigger size (but not style and this was one in particular was not bump friendly), one did not let me exchange/return at all. So here I was 8.5 months later, somehow having to alter these dresses to fit my growing body. I’m in a new city, so my go to seamstress was just too far for me, so naturally I took to Facebook to look for recommendations. Locals recommended a seamstress, I made an appointment with her a month before the weddings, arrived at her home, she never answered. She didnt answer the door, my calls, my texts, nothing.

Panic ensued.

I took back to Facebook, and found another seamstress. Here we were with only 3 weeks to go at this point. She came to my house, spent 3 hours measuring, evaluating, seeing what she could possibly do. She pointed out they would need A LOT of work to make these non-maternity options work for my rather large bump. She mentioned a price throughout and I legitimately fainted – call it lack of circulation or shock. But inevitably, I trusted her because I really had no choice.

I got to the point where I had texted one of my brides saying I thought I needed to back out or find something different because I would ruin her photos.

Long story short, with what we had to work with, she was a serious miracle worker.┬á I wish I had before photos for you to see what I was truly working with. I mean, I still am 8.5 months pregnant, so keep that in mind, but I’m impressed and if you’re local to the Severna Park, Millersville, Annapolis area and looking for a seamstress for a big job, let me know!

Bumpdate - 35 Weeks - with Never Been So

Bumpdate - 35 Weeks - With Never Been So

Bumpdate - 35 Weeks - With Never Been So


I finally have nursery updates to share! I finished part one and two of the nursery reveal series! I hope you’re loving this series as much as I am! If you have any specific questions, comment below!


I recently got a sample of Witch Hazel toner in my recent Bump Box and I’m loving it. I never realized how many beneficial properties Witch Hazel contained. It calms my redness without drying. I definitely recommend! I heard Witch Hazel is also really great post-pregnancy for cooling.

I’m also loving my rose quartz facial roller. You can really use any facial roller, but they key is to have that baby nice and cold. I leave mine in the freezer all the time and pop it out when I’m feeling hot, which I’ve been feeling more often than not nowadays.


The lack of ultrasounds we’ve received makes me nervous! Apparently, if its a smooth pregnancy, you really only get 2-3, but I still feel like I’m hearing other women getting more and more and I also just want to know she’s holding up good in there! I’ve only had 2 and the doctor said we won’t have anymore unless there’s a complication. It seems strange that the last time we saw baby was at 18 weeks! What if something changed?! I guess these are normal concerns, but I’d just feel a little more comfortable if we saw her positioning. Doc thinks she’s breach right now, so I’m hoping baby girl turns herself around in the next few weeks!



  1. Alicia Hawkins
    June 22, 2018 / 11:32 am

    Beautifully written, funny and tickled to read your next one. Much love sending your way sweetie!

  2. georgette
    June 22, 2018 / 8:23 pm

    I carried both of my children during the summer months, and there was not much air conditioning 40+ years ago. It is no fun being pregnant in the summer. Randy and Tammy were both born on September 16 two years apart.
    Ashley, you look radiant and so does your hubby, this is a magical time in your life now enjoy every moment.
    God Bless you, Will and your precious baby girl.
    Aunt Georgette

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