I CAN NOT BELIEVE WE’RE AT 39 WEEKS! Realistically, baby could have already come by now and could come AT ANY MOMENT. That is a surreal feeling, let me tell you. Since the last bumpdate, we’ve done a lot more prep for baby (reading books, washing clothes, packing our hospital bags and prepping pump/bottles).

We’ve also been trying to go out to eat and just enjoy the ‘family of two’ time before e v e r y t h i n g changes. It’s hard to believe just a few short months ago, we were announcing our pregnancy with this post and these photos…
FINAL BUMPDATE - 39 Weeks with Never Been So
FINAL BUMPDATE - 39 Weeks with Never Been So
FINAL BUMPDATE - 39 Weeks with Never Been So

…and now here we are (with way less glam), so close to meeting our sweet girl.

FINAL BUMPDATE - 39 Weeks with Never Been So

Baby Clayton is the size of a…

a pumpkin, measuring at about 19.9 inches and 7.23 lbs.


To tell you the truth, I’m a roller coaster of emotions, shocker. One day I can hardly wait any longer to meet her and other days I want her to live in my belly forever. This is the biggest change of not only our lives together, but of my entire thirty years on this planet.

Overwhelmed is an understatement. But then I sit back and think that people have babies ALL THE TIME and that we’ll get through it together and with our amazing support system.


Everything in sight. I constantly hear about people saying they barely have an appetite this late in the game because there’s no room. Well clearly, by the looks of me, my belly is just making extra room for any and all foods that come my way.

FINAL BUMPDATE - 39 Weeks with Never Been So

But since she hasn’t descended at all, as of 38 week appointment, I’m trying to eat all of the wives tale foods: pineapple, dates, spicy things etc. Dates are wayyyy sweet for me, but I found this amazingly easy energy ball recipe by fellow new mama, Liz of Pumpkin and Peanut Butter, that I’ve made three times now. My husband and I devour them daily.


Things are finally getting uncomfortable. I physically felt fine for so long that I wondered what the hype was about, but its here. Walking is straight up hard. But I’m trying to avoid being induced, so I’m forcing myself to try and walk daily to try and get this lady moving.


The same clothes over and over. I bought most of my maternity clothes around 5 months because I started showing super early and had a lot of traveling on the books. So what fit me at 5 months is tight AF at 9 months, but I refuse to buy any more maternity clothes. I did just buy a few loose pairs of joggers that will hopefully transition with me from this time to postpartum life. I did find this pair of maternity shorts on sale at Target, so I scooped them up, but let’s be real, nothing is flattering at this stage.

FINAL BUMPDATE - 39 Weeks with Never Been So

This non maternity swing dress has basically been on my body 2x a week for the last few or so and I don’t plan on retiring it any time soon.

FINAL BUMPDATE - 39 Weeks with Never Been So


OK, so choosing a main stroller seemed crazy complicated for us. So we decided to take a drive down to buybuy BABY in Rockville and work with one of their expert consultants. She was SO helpful. We ended up going with the Uppa Baby Vista System and I absolutely love it. Granted, baby isn’t even here yet, BUT we’ve taken it out and pushing it is a breeze, plus its gorgeous! I also love that it comes with the bassinet that transfers right into the stroller, how cool is that?! We bought the additional stand for it and have it set up in our room already! PLUS, this system has the ability to transition for up to THREE kids! AKA it’s a lot of money up front, but you won’t be buying an additional double stroller down the road if additional kids are in your future! I can’t wait to tell you guys more about it once we actually use it with baby, but if you’re on the fence, I’d absolutely recommend.

FINAL BUMPDATE - 39 Weeks with Never Been So FINAL BUMPDATE - 39 Weeks with Never Been So FINAL BUMPDATE - 39 Weeks with Never Been So

I mean, how do I look?! I can’t believe this will have a real life baby in it in less than a week or so!


OK, my anxiety about this little human is skyrocketing in this last month. The rolling snowball of questions has just been getting bigger and bigger. When will I go into labor? What if I can’t handle it? How will breastfeeding go? What if we screw her up? Do we have the right name? What if she hates me? How do I even change a diaper? How do I give her a bath? How do I swaddle her? (I feel like practicing on a doll is NOT the same!). What if her going home outfit doesn’t fit? I know these are very common thoughts most new parents feel, but somehow that doesn’t seem to ease my anxiety. Weirdly, I think I’ll feel better once she’s here (and I can have a glass of wine). The lead up into the unknown is what’s causing most of this. So for now, I’m just going to sit here and try to relax as best I can and the next time you hear from me via the blog will likely be us announcing the birth of our little girl!!

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  1. July 18, 2018 / 11:18 am

    Eeee you are SO close!! I promise that once this little angel is in your arms, all those anxieties will begin to go away and your mama instincts will kick in. It’s such a crazy feeling waiting to go into labor – I had NO idea what to expect and was just constantly waiting to feel contractions (and I didn’t until I was in the hospital!) Keep walking girl and I’m sure she’ll be ready soon!

    So glad you guys are enjoying the energy balls! We are still eating them even post-pregnancy (lots of oats are good for lactation!) I’ll be thinking of you guys lots this week and keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Carly
    July 18, 2018 / 7:42 pm

    We just had our baby girl yesterday at 39 weeks and 2 days (had to be induced due to low amniotic fluid). Labor is not fun but once u start to push it actually gets easier…and I had an epidural (godsend). Use the nurses! In labor and delivery and after. It’s not easy…but the next day after childbirth is easier!

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