Memorable Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her

Its hard to believe Will and I have been married for TWO YEARS! While we’ve been dating for almost eight years, we’ve done more in our two years of marriage than we had in our entire relationship. The first year of marriage was full of travels across the U.S and inevitable our honeymoon to Tanzania! Our one year anniversary gift to each other was going back to St. Michaels, where we spent a few days after our wedding since we were having a delayed honeymoon. It was so nice going back after a year of marriage, sitting in a bed in an unfamiliar airbnb, chowing down on our cake that we saved for the entire year.

So while I will absolutely recommend experiences as gifts, its also nice to get each other something tangible, when we can, that has some sentiment. Will knew that I wanted another band to stack with my engagemnet ring and wedding band. I knew I wanted it a little different than those two so that I could remember the significance (in this case, our second wedding anniversary). I made a note on our file at Smyth Jewelers, so that all Will had to do was go in and see the few I had ‘registered’ for and then he could still make it special by picking it out himself. He did a reaaaallly good job. I love the tone variance against the other two bands. It makes my heart flutter every time I look down at them.

Stackable bands are a perfect gift for any occasion and Smyth has a wide selection at various price points. Choosing bands that are slightly different allows for the sentiment to speak for itself.

Anniversary Gifts with Smyth Jewelers | Never Been So

Anniversary Gifts with Smyth Jewelers | Never Been So

Anniversary Gifts with Smyth Jewelers | Never Been So Anniversary Gifts with Smyth Jewelers | Never Been So

If you have a hard guy to shop for, a watch is always a good choice, but the key is to make sure its not too generic. I love the idea of engraving pieces for men. They may have several watches, but the engravings distinguishes them for one another. I got Will a watch for our wedding and had a special quote about our wedding day and the date engraved. For an anniversary gift, I love the idea of engraving it with the anniversary date, even including something unique like the number of days we’d been married.

Smyth Jewelers has a huge selection of watches. I was instantly drawn to this Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch. Its masculine with a touch of class.

Anniversary Gifts with Smyth Jewelers | Never Been So

The sales people at Smyth are super helpful and like I mentioned, being able to build a ‘registry’ of sorts for items you’d like to purchase in the future or slip as gift ideas is so convenient. I had put that wedding band on our file six months after we were married while browsing and they still had the information when Will went in a year and a half later.

What have been some of your memorable anniversary gifts you’ve given or received??

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