Holiday Gift Guide – For Baby 0-12 Months

This is probably my favorite gift guide so far this year! I’m no expert, but I’ve been testing out products on our four month old and researching items we plan to get for the holidays so that we have them for the coming months. And I’ll throw it out there that I’ve tried my hardest to stay within the neutral pallet for my own sanity, but come to find out as babies get older, they tend to be more interested in things that are bright AF. That being said, I kept it neutral where I could, but for the most part I’m losing this battle.

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Never Been So - Gift Guide 2018 - For Baby 0-12 Months

Baby Push Walker // Confession, I originally ordered one that was bright pink and orange. It took me awhile to actually hit purchase because it was blinding, but I figured she’d enjoy using it. And then, I found this gorgeous neutral walker. It still comes equipped with plenty to keep baby busy, so I’m going with this one.

Stackable Cups // These are great for baby to start learning the concept of size and how things fit.

Take A Long Tunes // Two words: BABY CRACK. Seriously. Since month one this little thing has been a god send and from what I’ve heard, moms around the globe agree.

Float and Play Bath Toys // Ryleigh has yet to actually play in the bath, but she loves bath time, so we’ll probably start soon since she’ll be sitting up soon.

Play Mat // I’ve linked this in my newborn essentials post, but I’m linking again because I love this mat! Its neutral (comparatively) and she loves it! Love Every also sells play kits that grow with baby, so you could always gift someone a playkit if you know they have the mat!

High Contrast Art Cards // These hand drawn cards come in a variety of collections and are great for helping baby learn to focus.

Teether Toy // Those teeth are coming and there’s nothing we can do about it. Be prepared as best as you can.

Freddie the Firefly // This guy is great. We attach him to the car seat and he saves us when we’re out and baby is starting to lose it. He’s an attention grabber with several things to peek baby’s interest.

Taco Teether // Because why deprive your baby of Taco Tuesday.

Flappy the Elephant // We don’t have this one yet, but we gifted it to a friend;s babe and it got some pretty good giggles out of her.

ABC Wooden Blocks // These wooden blocks come complete with a take a long case and will grow with your child.

Mozart Magic Cube // This is another one we’ve had since month one. She used to just stare at it and now she’s starting to press some of the buttons on her own. Soon she’ll understand she can add and remove certain instruments.

Textured Ball Set // These balls help teach baby texture and how to grasp.

Busy Baby Activity Chair // This is a gift we’ll be getting now that she can hopefully use in a month or two when she’s able to sit up. Its neutral (*insert heart eye emoji*) and has a ton of fun sensory things for baby to play with safely.

Soft Baby Books // As baby is learning to move things (usually to her mouth), these soft books help to avoid baby’s head and face from bumps and scrapes.



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