Holiday Gift Guide – For Him

For the special man in your life (who needs ‘nothing’ and therefore, makes gifting oh so hard).

All items I’m including guarantee to arrive by Christmas Eve! This post may contain affiliate links.

Never Been So - Gift Guide 2018 - For Him

Underwear // Because it seems like men are never replacing these enough.

Joggers // These are great for early morning dog walks or lounging around the house or heading out to the gym, these are good for everything.

Sneakers // My husband loves these, they’re super casual but also pretty stylish and come in a variety of colors.

Wireless Headphones //  My husband and I tried sharing a pair of wireless headphones and I’m over it because they always “go missing” aka he steals them.

Half Zip Pullover // Pullovers like these are super versatile, they can be dressed up or down.

Stainless Steel Tumbler // Keeps your beverages hot or cold for longer and with this sleek black style, its perfect for work meetings or that parent-teacher conference.

Duffel Bag // I love this duffel, especially for the separate shoe compartment. Maybe its just my husband, but somehow his shoes always end up a wreck and its nice keeping that contained.

Scuff Slipper // SUPER cozy and as you saw in my gift guide For Her, I’m all about eliminating the laces this year.

Crew Neck Sweater // Great buy, at an even better price. Get it in every color.

Silicone Ring // This is a great little gift for protecting that wedding band.

Thermal Robe // There’s something so perfect about cozying up with your man all warm in his robe sipping his morning coffee. Just me?


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