Valentine’s Day Picks

Valentine’s Day Gear For You

I like to keep things pretty low key when it comes to valentine’s day. Honestly, the thought of going out to a fancy dinner on the actual day gives me hives, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to wear alllll the blush/pink tones during the month of February. Valentine’s Day to me means doing something I love with the people I love, so this year that will probably look like working out during the day with some gals (with midday wine, of course) then making dinner or getting take out and eating together as a family (ryleigh will be starting solids by then!), followed by doing some yoga with my husband once the baby goes down.

This sweater/denim combo is perfect any night in the coming month! Pairing it with this cozy coat adds the little bit of blush to make this valentines day look pop! Quay has the cutest sunnies if you’re going out for a day date – heart shaped, pink lenses, pink frames etc! Whats great is the tones in these pieces transfer so perfectly into spring also! See below for a round up of my faves!

And if you’re not leaving the house all day, there’s plenty of athlesiure in pretty tones and themed jammies that I’m loving for this season and beyond!

For Your Little One

I swear every holiday is heightened that much more now that we have a baby! I want to dress her in all the themed things and give her themed gifts, does that slow down after all of her firsts?? These items are perfect to surprise your little ones with to wear during the season and they’re so cute that they can definitely get away with them year round.

Gifts for Your Gal

Why not treat your best gal to a gift this valentine’s (/galentine’s) day season?! They listen to you vent on just about everything, I think they deserve to be shown just a token of your appreciation! Wine will for sure do the trick, but if you want a little something more, I’ve got you covered!

Gifts for Your Man

I’m pretty sure we all know what men want for this special day, but in case you want to give a little more, there’s a few things my husband has been loving lately! Subscription kits can be super fun, I got Will a few of these for his birthday, but they’d be a great valentine’s day gift for you to both enjoy together. Take Out Kit is a subscription service that sends you ingredients once a month to create an international meal of your choosing – we started with the spanish paella, it was so fun to make together and it was SO good!

I also love Atlas Coffee Club – they send you coffee beans from a new country each month, its been cool to try coffees from around the world and learn a little about their coffee process!

I hope everyone has a fun February/Valentine’s Day! Be sure to tag me in your stories and feed photos so I can see what you’re up to!


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