Post Partum Hair Loss

Ok, so everyone tells you when you get pregnant, your hair will be fabulous. No one tells you that once you have your little bundle, that your fabulous hair goes down the drain. Like literally. 80% of my hair is currently down my shower drain.

It probably started at two months post partum for me. I was actually very concerned because we’re talking huge clumps coming out all day long and don’t even get me started on when I’d actually wash my hair. My daughter was constantly holding strands of my hair in her hands.

It was terrifying. Once I actually googled ‘post partum hair loss’ – it was everywhere and I couldn’t find a cure anywhere. Apparently the reason your hair is so fabulous when you’re pregnant is that the hormones cause your hair to not fall out and then when you give birth and your hormones change yet again, its time for all that hair that was hangin on, to fall out.

HOWEVER, my hair was WAY thinner than it was pre-pregnancy, so I decided to find a fix. I visited my local About Faces and asked them if they had any advice for thinning hair. I didn’t necessarily want an excessive amount of volume because my hair is naturally coarse and when you add volume, things get haywire. I just wanted to have a bit more of my thickness back. They instantly recommended the Kerastase line – specifically the Densifique Collection, ‘excellent for thinning hair and hair strengthening’!

Post Partum Hair Loss | Never Been So

I gave this collection a 30 day trial and no joke, I saw a huge difference. Not only was my hair not thinning as much, BUT there was less hair falling out! I couldn’t believe it. It definitely could have been my hormones getting back on track, but to notice such a difference, I’m hooked. I went from filling the shower drain every time I showered to maybe a few strands. I also started using their elixir oil serum and it made my hair feel SUPER soft and shiny!

I love that About Faces has all the collections to try for when my hair is no longer thinning and is conveniently located 15 minutes from me in Annapolis. Click here to see which About Faces location is closest to you!


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