Trunk Club Try On | February

If you guys have been following me, you know I’ve been doing Trunk Club for a while now and I love it! I had a really good vibe with my stylist, but then she left and they hooked me up with a new one, however, we did not jive as much. But the great thing about trunk club is if you don’t feel like you and your stylist are on the same page, you can ask for a new one! So while I do like some of the pieces in this month’s trunk, there wasn’t anything I reallllly needed, so I’m excited to see what’s in store next month!

For those of you who don’t know about Trunk Club, it’s Nordstrom’s styling program – they hook you up with a stylist who learns about you and sends you pieces however often you’d like, you keep what you want and they pick up what you don’t! If you’re a Nordstrom cardholder, the styling fee is waived! I decided to do my Trunk Club Try On on my insta stories, but actually link everything here for easy access!

If you want to join, click here – and I’m pretty sure you get some sort of discount on your first purchase!

I actually really love these sneakers, they’re meshy so they’re super breathable and sort of feel like you’re walking on a cloud! I paired them with this white sweater from my trunk and my new favorite aerie leggings!

Trunk Club Try On | February | Never Been So Trunk Club Try On | February | Never Been So

Another really great post-workout top! It’d also be great for morning/evening walks while its still a little brisk, it has this awesome collar that can be buttoned all the way up to block the wind!

Trunk Club Try On | February | Never Been So

At first I thought this top was weird, BUT now that I’ve tried it on I’m seeing its actually really cool for nursing moms. I usually work out in the mom and then leave my nursing sports bra on throughout most of the day, so throwing something like this on seems super comfortable and functional!

Trunk Club Try On | February | Never Been So

If you watched my insta story, you’ll see that my stylist sent 3-4 sweaters and while I like them all, I don’t have a need for more sweaters right now. I forgot to take a photo of one or two of them, but I’ll link them below anyway since they’re on sale!

Trunk Club Try On | February | Never Been So

I love the color and fit of this sweater! It’d be perfect for winter, spring or fall! I paired it with that new pair of H&M booties I’ve been living in!

Trunk Club Try On | February | Never Been So

These joggers are on super sale, under $40! They run large, so I’d definitely size down one, or even two sizes.

Trunk Club Try On | February | Never Been So

So that’s the roundup for now! IF you have any other questions about trunk club, send em my way!!


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