weekly instagram round up

So now that I’m starting to do more try ons, I figured I’d also share them on a weekly blog post for those of you who like things all in one place. They’ll still be available on the like to know it app and instagram story highlights!

One thing a lot of you guys asked for was looks for less, so I’m trying to share those more and more! I linked some in my latest trunk club post, but had to wait for them to arrive before I could vouch for them myself. This week I shared three of those sets of workout gear. I love the quality of these pieces (so much good compression) and best part, you can get a full set for under $50, compared to the $150.

I’m into the high waisted mom jean and I think they pair so well with cute tees and a belt bag, hence this look! Also, I’m pretty sure I’ll be rocking many many pairs of platform sandals this season.

This girl is the queen of the pout/scowl, but I love her even more for it! I love matching her in subtle (and big) ways.

And for my favorite look this week! This top came in my trunk club last week and I thought I’d hate it, but I’m OBSESSED!

That’s it for this week! LMK if you like seeing a weekly round up in blog post form like this!


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