Heat Protectant and Humidity Blocking Hair Care

Awhile back I posted that my hair started to smell burnt out of nowhere, so I took to social to get some recommendations on smell good hair care. You guys hit the ground running giving me the products you like best.

Come to find out, when I switched out the barrel of my curling iron, it immediately starts off at the highest heat, so thats really why it started to smell burnt. However, I had already begun testing products and really found some gems. To be honest, I really should have been using a leave in conditioner and heat protectant all along.

Of the roughly ten products I tested, these four products have become part of my daily routine to not only protect my hair from the heat, but to block out that pesky humidity that rears its head all summer long here in the DMV.

The Four Heat Protectant and Humidity Blocking Hair Care Products You Need to Try This Summer

  1. OUAI Leave In Conditioner / So to be fair, this exact product wasn’t recommended, but a leave in conditioner was recommended by at least half of you. In an effort to use what I had at home, I broke out this Ouai full size product that came in my last Fab Fit Fun box and I was instantly hooked! It smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling super conditioned without weighing it down!
  2. Kenra Blow Dry Spray / Its been awhile since I used a product to make the blow drying process easier. All the products I’d previously tried were so heavy and my coarse/thick hair didn’t need any more weight. A few of you recommended this product and of the several I tried, this was the lightest and actually did lessen blow dry time! I can get through my whole head of hair in roughly 10 minutes and as we all know with an infant, time is of the essence when trying to get a shower AND a blow dry in during nap time!
  3. Living Proof Humidity Shield / If I’m only blow drying my hair *not styling it* this little magic potion in a bottle ends my hair care routine. It really does block the humidity!! I mean sometimes this DMV humidity gives it a run for its money, but its held up pretty darn good! If I’m styling, I’ll use the next product first, then style, then use the humidity shield to finish off.
  4. Living Proof Instant Protection / Yall love Living Proof and yall LOVE LOVE LOVE this heat protectant. I don’t use this prior to blow drying since I use the kenra spray, but I use it prior to any time I’m going to use a heat tool that isn’t a hair dryer (i.e. straightener, curling iron). It smells good and is really protecting my ends, they are no where near is as damaged as they used to be.

I have absolutely zero burnt hair smell anymore! And while I’m sure most of the reason that is is because I’m no longer using my heat tools on the hottest settings, but I think these products give it a nice smell and protect it at the same time!

Do you want to hear more about what beauty products I use on a daily routine? Do you want me to test out anything specific? Let me know in the comments!


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