Holiday Gift Guide / For Toddler : Big Ticket Items

I want to thank buybuy BABY for collaborating together on this post; however, all thoughts and opinions are solely mine.

If you guys have followed me during any holiday, you know I’m a sucker for a good gift guide. I love reading others’ gift guides and I love providing my own for all of you! I love them so much, I even have an entire drop down on my blog dedicated to gift guides (holiday, mothers day, fathers day, you name it). Now that Ryleigh is in the toddler world, I’m focusing on those gifts because there’s no sense in reinventing the wheel, here is the gift guide I posted last year for 0-12 months, I’m sure most are still available!

Without further ado. Here it is! The first gift guide of 2019!!

Last year was Ryleigh’s first Christmas, but being that she was only three months old, we just wrapped a few toys we already owned just to have something under the tree for her. This year is a whole different story. Its November 7 and we already have our tree up *for almost a week now* and she is very very into it. I can’t wait until we actually have presents under it.

That being said, my list for her continues to grow and grow and grow. When I was growing up, my parents (or Santa, as my mom still signs them from) had gifts wrapped under the tree, but there was always one or two big items left unwrapped that appeared Christmas morning. They were always the big ticket items, something I’d been reallllly asking for or that was just too much of a pain in the ass to wrap. Either way it was usually something good that I’d run to with excitement and immediately start playing with (simultaneously allowing my parents to sip their coffee a little longer before the mayhem began).

So while we don’t usually splurge on Ryleigh (I’m all about finding the most affordable toys she can get the most out of), for Christmas we plan to get her one or two of these big items or they are items she already owns and loves. All of these items are available online via buybuy BABY and arrive super fast! I actually had been eyeing the learning tower (number 1 below) for weeks, placed an order Monday and it arrived today! This was an early Christmas gift because a. she gets very frustrated not being able to be on eye level in the kitchen and b. I can’t wait to make Christmas cookies together this season!

And stay tuned for more gift guides to come, including items for toddlers under $40!

Holiday Gift Guide / For Toddler : Big Ticket Items


  1. Little Partners Learning Tower / As I mentioned above, I’ve been eyeing this for weeks, I’ve seen plenty of other moms on social media posting their little ones cooking with them in the kitchen and I think Ryleigh is going to love it. The piece below is sold separately, but hooks onto the tower, so your little one can play while on the ground as well.
  2. Step2 Roller Coaster / This was one of the circuits at Ryleigh’s gymnastics class and she LOVED it! A great indoor/outdoor activity!
  3. Scoop & Serve Ice Cream Counter / Ryleigh received this for her first birthday and its one of her favorite toys! We say ‘ice cream’ and she runs to it! You really can’t go wrong with anything Melissa & Doug!
  4. Storage Easel / We have a mini easel for Ryleigh and now I wish we would’ve gotten the big one. She has to sit to play with the one we have, but she’s always on the move so I think shed use it way more if she could stand. This has a paper roll, magnet, dry erase and chalkboard plus storage on the bottom!
  5. Ride-On Golf Cart / This is a 6V electronic golf cart (how cute!) that also comes with a set of clubs! Such a unique twist on the electronic car game for kids!
  6. Tent and Tunnel Combo / I’m always on the hunt for toys that get Ryleigh moving to expend some of her everlasting energy! This is a 2 in 1 that allows your little one to make use of the tent and crawl through the tunnel as an obstacle.
  7. Ride-On Push Car / This is the alternative to the electronic car : a push car. We have one and Ryleigh loves it! I linked this one because its a three in one (with a sun shade) so you get more for your money!
  8. Lookout Treehouse / Another fun way to expend that energy. Climbing up, looking out, and sliding down. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
  9. Deluxe Workshop / Ok all you handymen and women, get your little one started young with this adorable and functional workshop! Snap those photos now and have them recreated when they become a star flipper!
  10. Wooden Play Kitchen / From the moment I found out we were going to have a baby, I’ve been thinking about the day when we can finally get a play kitchen. I loved mine growing up, I loved playing with them as I nannied. Something so nostalgic about a play kitchen, but you know I had to get one in white to match our own kitchen. There are plenty of options available in various colors and price points!
  11. Foamcraft Gymnasium / This is another item that Ryleigh discovered at her gymnastics class this year and I think we may have to bite the bullet and get it. She was just starting to get interested in climbing all of these at the gym right when our session ended. I think this would be a fun item to have at home to keep her engaged in between sessions and as usual, expend that energy!

I am so excited to share these items with all of you and I want to know what big items you plan to get your little ones this holiday season!!


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