Holiday Gift Guide / For In-laws & Parents

When I asked all of you who you needed gift ideas for most, the in-laws won by a landslide. I have to agree, this is a tough one. Lets face it, our in-laws and parents don’t want or need anything, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t treat them to something special. This list is full of items that might make you say ‘they don’t need that,’ and you’re right they probably don’t, but that’s precisely why you should get it for them!

So, I’ve compiled a list mostly of items we’ve gotten my in-laws or parents in the past that have been a hit. And the rest of these, theres a good chance I’ll be surprising them with this year.


Holiday Gift Guide / For Inlaws & Parents

  1. Wine Fridge / I’m going to go ahead and make the assumption most of my readers have parents or in-laws who like an occasional glass of wine (or five). And even if they don’t, they can be at the ready to offer their guests (that includes you!) a glass at the perfect temp!
  2. Air Fry Oven / Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know air fryers have been all the rage over the last year or so. Some parents or in-laws may freak out that that means yet another appliance, HOWEVER, this little guy does it all! Air Fry, Air Roast, Air Broil, Bake, Bagel, Toast, Dehydrate. That means with this little guy, you’re actually helping them consolidate.
  3. Map Pin Board / We actually got this for ourselves and loved it so much, we got it for my parents last year. It offers two different colors of pins so that they can mark places they’ve been and places on their bucket list. Its a fun little project for them and a cool conversation starter! Personalization is available (and encouraged)!
  4. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker / If your parents are anything like mine, they actually still have a legit boombox, no bluetooth, not even a CD player – we’re talking cassettes only. So you can imagine the surprise on my dad’s face when we bought him a bluetooth speaker a few years ago. If you’re debating, definitely spring for the waterproof option! Rain, beach etc. And if they’d prefer a more classic retro look, click here.
  5. One Pan, Two Plates Cookbook / Want to make the lives easier of your parents or in-laws? Get them this cookbook that is full of one pan recipes! They’ll be reminded you’re the favorite every time they have a yummy home cooked meal with less dishes!
  6. 23 and Me DNA Report / My parents actually asked for this one, so it was a no brainer. They offer the ancestry option along with a health option to give you the low down on things that run in the family they may not know about. This is definitely a fun project they’d love to have you dig into the results with!
  7. Air Pods / If I had a nickel for every time I watched my dad rifle though a stack of cords to untangle his headphones before heading to the gym or watch my mother in law try to talk on the phone in her hand while working in the kitchen or playing words with friends, I’d have enough money to get my husband his own set of air pods so that he’d quit stealing mine ūüôā Long story long, get your parents or in-laws the air pods.
  8. ¬†Ice Cream FroYo Maker / This is a fun one! I’ve actually never tried it, but I LOVE the idea of it! How fun would it be for your parents or in-laws to host a DIY froyo night (complete with all the toppings, of course) or just make their own flavors of ice cream on a hot day! Turn them into kids all over again.
  9. Milk Frother / Your parents or in-laws may not be hitting the coffee shops everyday, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy a little froth in their cup. They may not even realize what they’ve been missing. I’ve seen people use this all over the gram, its super inexpensive and does the trick. However, if you’re looking for a splurge, click here¬†(spoiler: its by nespresso).
  10. Robot Vacuum / You would 100% make it to the top of the favorites list with vacuuming their house 1x a week, or if they’re like me, 1x a day. But I’m going to assume you don’t have time for that, enter the robot vacuum. Speaking from experience, this is one of those purchases you don’t realize you need until you have it. 100% one of my favorite purchases last year. Less expensive option linked here.
  11. Personalized Grandparents Sign / This is a great gift for those new (or seasoned) grandparents. It was my parents first Christmas as grandparents last year, so obviously this made my mom cry like a baby when she opened it on Christmas morning.

I hope this helps you guys with those tough to buy for parents and in-laws! As usual, let me know if you have any other suggestions! I could always use a little help myself.


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  1. Lisa
    November 11, 2019 / 7:08 am

    Ohhh I would like that cookbook please!

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