Holiday Gift Guide / For Men

One of the hardest to buy for (second to parents and in-laws) are the men in our lives, am I right?! What do these men want?! The answer is usually nothing. But I’ve compiled a list (with your help!) of items that will hopefully have them thinking, “I didn’t even know I wanted this!”

Holiday Gift Guide / For Men / Never Been So

  1. Athletic Socks / There was one thing I knew I had to get Will for Christmas this year, mainly because he complains (I mean, reminds me) about not having matching gym socks every single day. And I’m sure he’s not the only one. He said all he wanted was 10 pairs of the exact same sock, so that when one goes missing, he can just pick up another and be on his way. If this sounds familiar, stock up ladies.
  2. Bluelight Glasses / Men tend not to know what they need until you give them that little nudge. I told my hubs he should have blue light glasses for months, but he kept shutting it down. I finally bought a pair of my own, he picked them up (saying he thought he should try them) and now they’re his. Perfect if your guy is constantly in front of a computer or phone screen. More affordable option here.
  3. Ember Temperature Control Mug / Honestly, anyone who likes warm beverages would be happy receiving this! It keeps their drinks the perfect temperature without having to rush to the microwave. You can even control it with an app! Hello, smart mug!
  4. Fun Dress Socks / Why do socks just seem like the get out of jail free card for Christmas gifts for men! I found a few good packs on amazon, here and here. And for those of you who want to spring for something realllll special, get them personalized dress socks with your face, your pet’s face, your baby’s face etc! Will may have one or three of these pairs coming his way.
  5. Floating River Cooler / This just screams ‘perfect gift’ for the guy in your life who loves being on the water. This little guy attaches to your guy’s kayak, canoe, paddle board or just hangs in the water nearby and keeps all his drinks and snacks at perfect temp. Comes in several colors, including camo!
  6. Allbirds / So when I asked you all for gifts your men have loved, I got a billion responses mentioning allbirds. You all said they are SUPER comfy and cozy and made from sustainable materials. So, now I just have to know what the hype is all about. And then I may have to hop on the train too!
  7. Tile Tracker / For that guy who is always misplacing his things, here’s the product to save the day! Attach one of these to whatever he misplaces (keys, backpack etc) and then use the app to set off a ring to locate it! You can also tap one of the tiles to find your phone too.
  8. Tee Time Golf Pass / I’ve been getting this for my Dad for at least five years and I recently started getting it for Will too. If your dad, husband, boyfriend, brother etc plays golf even a few times a year, this book is for them. You can choose the pass based on their location in the states and it contains a ton of discounts for golf courses in their region. They’re going to play golf any way, at least save them a little money doing it.
  9. Nostalgic Sweatshirt / Transport your guy back to his childhood with this graffiti sweatshirt full of all things nostalgia.
  10. Ugg Scruff Slippers / Even if they don’t admit it, men like a little luxury. Come through and show his feet a little TLC.
  11. AirPods / Now that the newest generation of AirPods is out, you can get the older version at a discount, and trust me they do the trick. While we’ve shared a pair for a year or so, I am definitely ready to pop another pair under the Christmas tree this year. Pair it with a silicon case for easy transport and less risk of losing them!
  12. Outdoor Tools / Now that we own a home, Will is all about the latest and greatest tools for house and landscape upkeep (i.e. leaf blower, electric lawn mower, axe, the list goes on!)



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