Holiday Gift Guide / Subscription Boxes

Subscriptions have always been one of my go to gifts and now with all of the options available, there is literally something for everyone! I love the idea of the gift recipient having something show up at their door once or multiple times after the actual holiday passes, its like the gift that keeps on giving! These are all services I use myself or have gifted to others!

Holiday Gift Guide / Subscriptions / Never Been So

  1. Trunk Club / If you guys have followed me for awhile, YOU KNOW I’m an avid trunk clubber. This is a subscription service sponsored by Nordstrom and delivers clothes, shoes and accessories right to your door step. If you’re a Nordstrom card member, the styling fee is waived, otherwise its only $25. Click here and here to just see a few of my try ons. They also offer Trunk Club Men, so its also perfect for the guy in your life!
  2. Atlas Coffee Club / I gifted this to Will last year and we both loved it! You can gift one, six or twelve months and they send locally grown coffee beans from different regions around the world. You also get a little post card that tells you about the location and the coffee culture there. This would be perfect paired with a coffee grinder and French press for the coffee lover in your life!
  3. Daily Harvest / I LOVE daily harvest so so much! The smoothies are great, but they now offer so much more than that – bowls, sundaes, lattes etc. Give the gift of a little extra time to the busy bee in your life. You can send a gift card or choose one box for them and they can fill it with their favorites! Or gift yourself! Use the link here and code neverbeenso to 3 cups free!
  4. Kiwi Co / This is a cool subscription for kids (or adults) of all ages. It sends over activities based on the age group you select. And some ages, offer up several options based on interests of the kid you’re buying for. (example: ages 9-16 offers science/engineering or create/craft). This a fun experience parents can pull out for their kids when they need a break from their everyday toys!
  5. Imperfect Foods / I actually recently just heard about Imperfect Foods and I’m pretty impressed! Their goal is to lessen food waste by providing ‘imperfect’ foods that would normally be thrown out by grocery stores. Because they would normally go to waste, they are able to offer these at almost 30% less. This is perfect for the environment conscious person in your life, they’ll get a box of food delivered to their door step and can feel great about it. Use code neverbeenso and you’ll save 33% on your first box!
  6. Takeout Kit / This is neat subscription and perfect for your significant other! I got this for will (/us) last year and we loved it! We did three months worth and each month you pick an internationally inspired meal you want to prepare and they send over all of the ingredients. What I love about it is that its normally a meal that you’re not making every day, full of speciality ingredients and usually more steps than you’d want to do on a regular week night. So it forces you to take that ‘date night’ at home. We would always do ours after Ryleigh went to bed and truly cooked together, sipping wine instead of rushing around just to get food on the table in the quickest amount of time after work.
  7. Winc. / Who doesn’t want to receive a box of specifically curated wines to their door step?? Talk about winning holiday gift giving! I LOVE Winc! They are my favorite wine delivery service, every wine I’ve gotten from them has been so good! I love that they have a ratings system, so even though you may not know the wines, you can purchase based off of reviews and the short quiz they give you. Send your wine loving friend a gift card and give them the gift of wine at their door.
  8. Fab Fit Fun / I’ve been a FFF member for years and its one of my favorite boxes to receive! Its full of beauty products, accessories etc. And we’re talking full size products, not samples. And if you become a select member, you’re able to customize  your box each season. And because I’m in the gift giving spirit, I’ll shoot over a starter box to the first three to shoot me a message over on Instagram!


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