Holiday Gift Guide / For the Host and Hostess

This time of year you are likely getting all the invites to holiday parties and dinners. And if you’re anything like me, you don’t like to show up empty handed. While wine is obviously a great choice, here are a couple other ideas that your host(ess) with the most(est) is sure to love!

Holiday Gift Guide / For the Host and Hostess

  1. Personalized Coffee Mug | These mugs have been all over the gram lately and for good reason! They would likely go with anyone’s decor and look casual yet chic at the same time! Personalize it with the host’s first initial or the letter of their last name!
  2. Wine Charms | Entertainers can never have enough wine charms. They usually only come in sets of six, so the more they have the better! I love the wine detail of these and the neutral brass tone!
  3. Chambong | I don’t care how old we get, I will always love a good chambong! Perfect way to ring in the new year or a Sunday brunch!
  4. Nest Candle | These candles are pricey, but they have your house smelling like a Christmas tree farm in no time at all!
  5. Wine Chiller | If you’re going to a holiday party, you know there’s gonna be wine, so why not bring something to help them chill it in! Bonus points: fill it with wine when you gift it!
  6. Mini Espresso Machine | Show the host that you really appreciate their invite, by giving them the gift of caffeine for them to travel with all holiday season long!
  7. Coasters | Like wine charms, a party thrower can never have enough coasters! I love to have a stash for parties that way everyone can always have a place to set their drink! And with this neutral set, they’ll go with any decor!
  8. Savor and Graze | Your host clearly loves to entertain, gift them these fun books for them to get some inspiration for their next party (that you’ll for sure lock down an invite to)!
  9. Noodle Bowl with Chopsticks Set | We got these for Christmas last year and I LOVE them! They don’t come as a set, but just purchase a few and you’re good to go! They are so affordable and fun to have in the house for takeout!
  10. Popcorn Maker | How fun is this idea! Gift your host a popcorn maker with popcorn specific bowls! Or just go one or the other! Unique gifts are always fun for hosts!
  11. Spiked and Spiced Candle | Ok, I just reallllly love the note on this candle for the holiday season!

I hope you love these gifts for all the hosts you’ll be gifting this year! And as always, you are welcome to gift yourself and tag me in your buys!


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