Holiday Gift Guide / For the Women

This is one of my favorite gift guides to date because I can honestly say I either own or want to own all of the products on this post! As women, we rarely go for the items that take care of us and we go for practical items we feel that we need. This list of items are things that will allow the woman in your life to take care of herself or make her life just a tad bit easier. So treat that special lady and show her that you appreciate her (that includes you, boo!).

Holiday Gift Guide / For the Women / Never Been So

  1. Self Care Planner | Women always let their self care slip first and I encourage all of you to make it a priority in 2020 and what better way to do that than with its very own designated planner!
  2. Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelet | I LOVE these bracelets! I just got my first few and they’re currently running a BOGO sale for Black Friday!
  3. Naked Palette | The neutral tones in this palette are a girls dream! If you snag it in time, you’ll get it 50% off on the daily deal (11/27).
  4. Basic and Athleisure Candles | I recently came across this brand of candles and the descriptions kill me. I’m totally grabbing these two scents based solely on the words.
  5. Microneedling Roller | Every girl needs one of these! From what I’ve read, this allows those expensive serums and creams to seap into your skin and work their magic versus sitting on top!
  6. Calm Soaking Salts | If you’re anything like me, you love the idea of a bath, but never make it a priority, however, if you have these calm soaking salts staring at you, it may be harder to say no!
  7. Robe | I just picked up this robe on a whim and its one of the best purchases I’ve made this season! It is so cozy! I feel like I’m in a warm hug!
  8. T3 Smart Hair Dryer | This is a total splurge item and I didn’t think I’d care about the auto pause feature, but damn I love it. If you place your hair dryer down to take out other sections of hair, it pauses so that it doesn’t blow everything in front of you. Definitely not a must have, but its a real nice to have.
  9. Self Care Set | I came across these sets and they have a ton of different varieties, its a self care set for the ‘x’!
  10. Bandolier | 100% the best item I’ve found in the last few years. I don’t know where I’d be without my bandolier. It straps your phone to you so that if you’re running around the house, cooking dinner, chasing your kids, walking your dog, its right there attached to you. It also has a place for cards and ID so that if you pack light, its really all you need on a night out.
  11. Beauty Refrigerator | We all know that our beauty products have a heightened effect if they are chilly. And if you’re anything like me, your refrigerator in your kitchen is full of beauty products that you never use because they aren’t in arms reach. This little guy allows you to keep your favorite beauty products chilly and right there to use when you need them.
  12. Jewelry Box | I need a jewelry box SO bad. I used to have one as a kid and then somehow never replaced it in my adult years. I have a couple small pouches filled with jewelry and they get tangled on the daily. This is such a pretty little (practical) gift for your friend!
  13. Leopard Tumbler | You can never have enough tumblers!! They cut down on waste while being super cute! This one comes with a reusable straw and cleaner. It also comes in a billion colors if leopard isn’t your thing.
  14. ‘Year of the Woman’ Candle  | I thought this was another fun candle because I think we can all agree that 2020 will be the ‘Year of the Woman’ so lets keep this guy out as a little reminder throughout the year.




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