Holiday Gift Guide / For Toddler Under $40

I want to thank buybuy BABY for collaborating together on this post; however, all thoughts and opinions are solely mine.

Ryleigh is at a suuuuper fun age (15 months) where she is into EVERYTHING! I’ve already got her big gifts taken care of, but now I have to get a few more things and give some ideas to family. Everything on this list we either have or will have at Christmas.

Holiday Gift Guide / For Toddler Under $40 / Never Been So

  1. Dyson Cord-Free Toy Vacuum | I’ve heard so many good things about this little vacuum, how kids want to help, but this one actually HAS suction! Low suction, but still! I think thats so cool, Santa already dropped this one off!
  2. Learning Friends Interactive Words Book | I bought this book for Ryleigh six months ago and she didn’t care, so I put it up in her closet. I recently took it out and ‘obsessed’ is an understatement. Open, Close, Push, Push, Push, she loves that when she pushes a button it says the animal name or noise!
  3. Build It Car-Plane-Boat | These look cool, they are almost like legos, but without pieces small enough to put in their mouths. They can put together three different vehicles which will allow them to practice their fine motor skills.
  4. Take Along Railroad Set | What kid doesn’t need a train set? But you know that’s the toy they’ll get obsessed with and then don’t have on the trip to grandma and grandpas, but with this one you can take it on the go with you!
  5. Dimpl Interactive Toy | We got this for Ryleigh after it came highly recommended for our first flight with her and wow, this thing kept her entertained!! Idk why, but I’m not questioning it.
  6. Doll Jogging Stroller | So I’m really excited to get Ryleigh some doll accessories for Christmas. She got a little doll for her birthday and is obsessed with rocking her, so I think she’ll love pushing her in this little stroller all around the house and outside.
  7. Water Wow Bundle | Ryleigh is finally starting to understand the world of coloring, but that also sends anxiety reeling in a mama with a mostly white house. Enter Water Wow – a pen filled with water that only shows color on special paper!
  8. Learn and Groove Musical Mat | This is a fun way to encourage your child to express themselves, learn music and stay active! They’ll make sounds as they run around on this super fun mat! This will be under our tree this year!
  9. Camping Stove Play Set | How ADORABLE is this cute little camping set! Pop up a tent in the basement with this little set and you have hours of play when its too cold to go outside this winter!
  10. Wood Teaching Clock | I know Ryleigh is a little young to be learning how to tell time, but she LOVES the very hungry caterpillar so she’d love this clock and it could even help her learn her numbers!
  11. Let’s Play Housekeeping Set | Another cleaning set that I’ve heard children love and I am all about that. Do a couple practice rounds showing your child what to do and then watch them mimic you!
  12. First Slide | This is such a classic gift and so affordable. Our neighbors have one of these and Ryleigh runs right to it everytime we’re outside. She’s now learning how to climb the ladder herself!
  13. Pots and Pans Play Set | Just ordered this set to go with the kitchen we got her for Christmas! A kid can’t cook without pans, right?!

I hope you guys love this list of affordable toys for your toddler! If you snag any, be sure to tag me in them so I can share!