Top Baby Items You’ll Use Over and Over During That First Year

When I tell you that the registry brought the most amount of stress during pregnancy that would be an understatement. Luckily we had such an easy pregnancy, so I really had nothing to stress over other than the registry (and of course, the four bachelorettes and three weddings I had to be a part of sober). But really, I remember spending days upon days researching, scouring reviews, readings registries of other mamas and this lasted for months.

Once Ryleigh actually got here, I realized how much time I spent stressing over something that you will literally never have the right answer to. Trust me when I say every single baby is different. I thought I built the perfect registry and we didn’t use (or she didn’t like) at least 4o% of it. I lived on amazon (and still do) that first year, constantly adding things to my cart that I didn’t register for and praising the prime gods that it would be here in two days.

That being said, these items I felt got the most use out of during that first year. I tried to include photos to show early on and throughout the first year (some she still even uses now). Some of them may seem far off in your mind, but no one preps you for the stuff that’s to come at 6+ months. Newborn clothes and swaddles are great, but those kids start to move and eat and they do it quick. For purposed of this post, I’m going to leave out breastfeeding products since I have an entire post dedicated to that. And again, these are the items that got the most use, I plan to do another post that will break down everything I’d put on my registry if I had to do it over. So this post is great if you want to make a few additions to your registry or if you are on the hunt for a great baby shower gift!

  1. Booster Seat | 100% the item we used most in those first 12 months. This is also part of my solid foods post, but I had to share it again. This is one you rarely see on registries because people aren’t thinking that far in the future, but this is one I plan to bring to any baby shower. We started using it as soon as she could hold her head up at four months and used it every single day until she was in a full high chair – however, if we sat more frequently at our dining table, we would use it there as a booster because it wraps right around any standard chair. Before she was in her high chair, we’d sit her on the island just so that she was at our height (she was much happier being at eye level than on the floor in a swing). Once we started introducing food, we did it all in this seat. We did crafts in it before she could fully stand. Love love love this seat!
    feeding littles 1
  2. Sound Machine | To this day Ryleigh still uses a sound machine. We used to take aportable sound machine around with us everywhere (now she’s upgraded to listening to real music while we’re out to calm her), but we still use a regular one in her room every nap and every night. We used to stick the portable one in her carrier when we’d be out at restaurants or on walks, you name it, she’d fall asleep (or at least stop crying) instantly, it was essentially an extra appendage.
  3. Munchkin Cups | It seems like Ryleigh started drinking water super early. We obviously cleared it with the doctor, but for as long as I can remember she had a sippy cup attached to her and still does. These munchkin cups are my absolute favorite! You can order extras of each part so that you always have one readily available! And they have super cute designs too!
  4. Bath Tub | When we registered, I was super excited for the adorable neutral flower tub, well that lasted for all of one month. We quickly had to upgrade to a larger tub and this very bright one was one of the best reviewed options, so I got it. As much as I don’t love the colors, we used it A LOT. It went from our sink to our actual bath tub. Because its a 4 in 1, we used the sling for awhile and then removed it and only used the seat and then slowly phased out the seat and eventually she was in the tub all by herself. She absolutely loves bath time and I think its because this slow transition made it a lot less scarier for her (and me).
  5. Backseat Headrest Mirrors | Ok, so I know there are mixed feelings on these, ‘they can be distracting to the driver,’ HOWEVER, I would be 1000% more distracted if I didn’t have eyes on my baby. There have been numerous times she’s made noises that would have concerned me to the point of needing to pull over, but a quick glance back and I felt just fine. We still use them today, so they are definitely worth their affordable price tag.
  6. Baby Wearers | It took a few times to get used to it, but once I did, Ryleigh lived on the front of my body, alternating regularly between the Baby K’tan and the Ergo. These were literally the only way I could run errands, cook dinner, clean the house, visit neighbors etc. I liked them both at different stages, K’tan at the beginning and Ergo as she got bigger and I needed a little more support.


  7. Nanit |I cannot say enough good things about the Nanit. I stressed hard about choosing a monitor, I even bought a different one and didn’t like that it had to be mounted and still had a cord hanging. I love that the nanit has a full floor stand AND you can purchase the travel mount, we take it everywhere. You can add people such as grandparents or babysitters and give them access when necessary and there’s no exchange of another device. Seriously I could probably write an entire blog post encompassing how many things I love about the Nanit!
  8. IMG_4913IMG_6734IMG_7699
  9. Stacking Cups | these were probably one of the first (and most used) toys we got Ryleigh at only a month old. Will picked them out and I thought they were silly. Well she loved them nd still does. We use them for all kinds of things, we used to get her to try crawling to us by stacking them because she’d want to knock them down and now she plays with them independently.


  10. BOOKS | I know this is a given, but my goodness our child is a bookworm. At our shower, we asked for everyone to bring a book instead of card and write a little note inside, so we started reading to her before she was even earthside. Sometimes it feels like a lot because she just wants us to read to her all. day. long, but I know in the long run it’ll be worth it. These are some favorites that have stood the test of time from infant to 12 months (and to this day) that I can literally recite by memory word for word.

    Pout Pout Fish

    Mother Bruce

    Animal Sound Treasury

    Slumber Sloth

    Dear Zoo

    Every Little Thing

Next, I plan to post a ‘if I could redo my registry’ post including all things I would add or delete looking back. Stay tuned!

xo, ash




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  1. Kristen
    April 6, 2020 / 9:42 pm

    Oh my gosh love seeing the throwback pics of baby Ryleigh!! She was soo teeny tiny <3 Love all of these & will be adding to my list ASAP!

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