Spring Sephora Sale

Its that time of year again, the spring Sephora sale is here! You guys let me know you wanted to see what I’m loving lately and what’s currently in my cart to purchase when it opens for me. If you’re a Rouge member, access is actually open right now!! I filled my cart to the brim only to realize VIB access doesn’t open until 4/17, so I’ll be sitting here hoping all my faves don’t sell out!

Sephora Spring Sale  // never been so

Here’s the date and discount breakdown :


Rouge 20% off : April 17 – May 1 

VIB 15% off : April 21 – April 29

Insiders 10% off : April 23 – April 27

I’m going to take you through my favorite skincare, makeup and haircare products, as well as some items I’ll be trying for the first time that I’ve heard great things about!


Sephora Spring Sale - Skincare // never been so

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops : These are 100% one of my favorite products. I’ve tried a lot of facial self tanners and they all kind of leave me orange, but mixing these with my moisturizer have been a game changer. And you can build based on what you need. Right now is the perfect time to experiment since we aren’t leaving the house any time soon.

First Aid Beauty Barriair Cream : this stuff is so cool, it literally has pockets of air in it that goes on your skin super light!

First Aid Beauty Oil Control Moisturizer : a friend actually recommended this to me after seeing my post on the barriair cream, so I plan to snag this up and test out the differences!

Lip Sleeping Mask : this is a game changer for your lips! mine have been so cracked this winter and I put this on before bed, wake up and they are SO moisturized!

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion : those one off breakouts are no match for this drying lotion! I always stock up on this when its on sale!

Makeup Eraser : gone are the days I use daily makeup remover wipes, this little cloth takes it all off and you’re saving money while helping the environment!

Universal Daily Peel Pads : these are 100% a splurge, BUT the one time I did buy them and use them everyday, my skin was the best its ever been! These are definitely in my cart for the sale!

Pure One Tatcha Cleanser : I love my TULA cleanser, but I’ve heard a lot of great things about this, so I’m going to try it out! Will report back!

Summer Fridays CC Me Serum : I’ve been wanting to try out the Summer Fridays brand, so now is the perfect time! This serum comes highly recommended as well as the mask below!

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask : I can’t wait to try this out!

Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask : this came as a sample in my last Sephora order and omg, I need the full size. you lather it on and wear it to sleep, you wake up and your skin is bright and glowy!

OUAI Body Creme : this also came as a sample and I’ve been using it for the past week, it smells SO good and is super hydrating. Even Will liked using it!!

Super Berry Hydrate and Glow Dream Mask : cant wait to try this out!

Balancing Force Oil Control Toner : this too!

Sephora Spring Sale  // never been so


Sephora Spring Sale - Makeup // never been so

Milk Grip Primer : someone recommended this recently, so I snagged it and it keeps your makeup on ALL day, even through an intense sweat sesh. fyi : not hydrating or brightening if those are main concerns. I typically use the TULA tinted primer or brightening gel primer when I need a little extra hydration or pore refining (use code NEVERBEENSO for 15% off&). Maybe I’ll actually try using them together.

Fenty Hydrating Longwear Foundation : I am a chronic foundation tester outer and I keep going back to this one! I love that its super hydrating and doesn’t look cakey! I use shade 260.

Born This Way Concealer : this came highly recommended, so I got it in my last haul and I’m actually really starting to like it. I’m a shape tape die hard, but this one is a lot lighter and great for casual natural vibe makeup! In shade Almond.

Fenty Instant Retouch Setting Powder : ok, so I had been using this setting powder for like the last year, I dab it on with my damp beauty blender and it sets so nicely, but lately I’ve been using the one below and really liking that as well, been switching back and forth! In shade Butter.

Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder : again, another solid recommendation, so I gave this setting powder a try and have been using it lately. It will be much easier to travel with since its more compact and I like the way it glides on. In shade 2 Medium.

Anastasia Brow Wiz : 10000% my all time favorite product. If I wear nothing else, I wear this. My eyebrows are pretty thin, so filling these in give my face an entirely more put together look! I currently have a stock of five. In shade Taupe.

Fenty Instant Warmth Bronzer : this bronzer is so so so pretty! I really do love all things fenty and this bronzer is no exception. I have it in shade Island Ting, but the other shades are really pretty too, so once I’m out I’ll experiment with a different one!

Setting Spray : I LOVE a setting spray not only because it sets your makeup, but if your makeup is looking a little dry, this mist gives it some hydration and creates more of a balanced look! I keep the full size in my bathroom and I have the mini too that I used to take with me to work or the gym (but now those are both at my home, sooo I just take it when I travel haha).

High Definition Mascara : I got this as a free product and I’m hooked. Its a mix of lengthening and curling, while keeping it natural.

NARS Audacious Lipstick : I have a billion lipsticks in my arsenal (mostly nude), but this is by far my favorite. a close runner to the KKW and Charlotte Tilbury nudes, but I think this one beats it, just barely! In shade Barbara – Tan Rose.


Sephora Spring Sale - Hair Care // never been so

Purple Shampoo : I’ve always been a purple shampoo user, but now more than ever we’ve gotta keep those blonde tresses under control since we can’t get in the salon! I love Amika!

Purple Conditioner : This is the conditioner I use every few days! I actually use this one by Kenra if I need an extra boost!

Leave-IN Conditioner : I got this in a Fab Fit Fun box years ago and its still one of my go to products! Its the lightweight leave in that my hair needs.

Dry Shampoo – This is my tried and true dry shampoo that I’ve used for years, but lately I’ve actually been using this one by IGK – again I think our bodies and hair can get used to certain products and need a little change up. This one has been great fighting against days and days of no washing and sweaty workouts!

Prep and Prime : I like to use this sometimes as a heat protectant before I blow dry!

Flex Hairspray : hands down my favorite hairspray EVER! Its light, but has a good hold! I bring the mini on travel with me!

Heat Styling Spray : awhile ago I polled you guys because my hair was smelling so BURNT and you guys recommended a few really good heat styling sprays, this one is my favorite!

Kerastase Mask : its pricey, but its sooo dang good. it leaves your hair so luxe after one use!

Mudslide Mask : so this is actually one I added on just to get free shipping and had all intentions to return, but I’m a big fan! This isn’t as thick as the kerastase mask, but it leaves my ends feeling pretty put together! I alternate between the two of them!

Full Volume Blast : I love adding a little boost of volume especially on day one when my hair is super clean, she needs a little help holding that curl and volume!

Hair Clips : does anyone just lose bobby pins like its going out of style, I found its a little harder to lose these since they’re bigger, I use them to get the hair out of my face when I apply makeup or to hold my baby hairs up in the back when I’m working out so they don’t get super sweaty!

T3 Paddle Brush : I shared all the T3 products this past week on my instagram (and have them saved as a highlight), I think because they’re already on sale here they may even be cheaper, but go ahead and do your price checks to be sure!! I literally can’t live without this brush, I had to use my old brush the other day because mine was in Ryleigh’s room during nap time and man, my hair just wasn’t the same.

T3 Twirl Trio : The versatility and quality of this curling iron bundle is 100% worth the price. I’ve been using it for years and its still kicking strong!

T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer : SO pricey for a hair dryer, I know, well not as pricey as the Dyson, but its up there. However, it is so worth it. I dry my hair in 6-7minutes and the auto pause shut off is a game changer!

Olaplex No 3 : this comes recommended by my hair guru, I use this once a week to deep condition and protect my hair. I actually put it on my dry hair and wear it all night and the next day then rinse out.

Phew ok, I’m overwhelmed, are you?! If you’re still reading this, thanks for sticking it out! I can’t wait to see what you guys scoop up, tag me!! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway on my instagram to win a $50 Sephora gift card!


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