Mother’s Day Gift Guide

You guys, this is probably one of my favorite gift guides to curate because I literally feel like I’m making a list of all the things I think moms deserve, but loved ones don’t normally think of to grab for them. Shoot, they may not even know they need it themselves! And don’t get me wrong, moms love flowers and spa days (who doesn’t?), but these are just a few other ideas that may surprise that mom in your life.

There’s also no shame in sliding this into your significant others’ dms and letting him take alllll the credit 😉

Mother's Day Gift Guide || never been so

Loungewear Sets | if you follow me on instagram, you know I literally talk about these loungewear sets all day erryday. And like I’ve shared on there, the inventory is everchanging, so you never know what they’ll have, but I can almost guarantee they’ll have something you like AND it’ll be affordable!

Apple Watch | this is a splurge item, but this is something I use and enjoy every single day. not only does it get me moving (hello competition), BUT I don’t always have my phone on me and this keeps me connected when I need to be. I can also silence it when I need to disconnect.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker | this was the only thing I asked for for Christmas last year. I’m a big music listener when I take a shower and nothing would kill my vibe more than finally hopping in the shower at 8pm after the baby is down and being graced with the same f*cking Disney song I heard 287382 times earlier that day. it would infuriate me so much, I couldn’t even enjoy my shower lol. this beautiful little gadget sits right in the shower and I can skip ahead all I want!

Comfy Sneakers | by far, one of the best purchases I made last year. these are THE most comfortable shoes I own. they literally feel like you are walking on memory foam. so whether the mom in your life is walking a newborn or chasing a toddler around the playground or is team mom at the soccer game, keep her feet feeling happy in these comfy cute sneaks.

Milk Frother | ok, so I am a big iced coffee girl. hot coffee always seems so blah to me. BUT I do like the occasional latte, so I’ve had this little baby on my list for some time now. I think this is the ticket to getting me to enjoy a nice cup of hot coffee at home.

Wine Delivery | every mom deserves to have wine delivered to their door step. end of story. this is my favorite company and they’re setting up gifting right now that allows you to gift the mom in your life one or more months subscription (or a $ amount if you prefer!).

Mixing Bowls with Lids | so if there is one thing in my kitchen I really need to replace, its my mixing bowls. I have random pieces of random sets that have stayed with me since the roommate days and I could use a really nice set like this. hint hint, if anyone imparticular reading this 😉

Triple Threat Set | ok, so this is another one that I don’t have, but I had to use every ounce of self control to keep from buying this past week. the quarantine spending has gotten slightly out of control so I didn’t pull the trigger on this, BUT its an insane deal! $30 for 9 shades – bronzer, blush & highlight – perfect for travel too! hinty mchint hint 😉

Valentino Dupe Jellies | I’ve seen these dupes all over the internet lately, but my neighbor was wearing them last weekend so I got to see them IRL. they’re as cute as they look! I instantly bought the black and now think I have to have the nude too! they’re SO affordable and I love jellies in the summer – perfect for outdoor – chic and easy to clean!

Fur Mama Mug | pets aren’t exempt from treating their fur mamas this holiday! fido can ensure extra pets while mom sips her morning coffee outa this cute mug.

Spa Slipper | so everyone is posting those super fluffy flip flop slippers. and don’t get me wrong, they’re super cute, but they’re also mostly sold out. I got these a few years ago and for the reason I used them, I like a little less fluff. I brought these in my hospital bag and used them while I would walk back and forth to the bathroom during labor and post partum. I didn’t like the idea of any additional hospital debris getting stuck in the fluff LOL. these did the trick and kept my feet cozy and clean! super good gift for the expecting mama!

Bandolier |COULD NOT LIVE MY LIFE WITHOUT A BANDOLIER. like it would be impossible. this literally attaches your phone to you, so you don’t lose it and frees up your hands to do other ‘kid’ things – give snacks, hold hands, wipe boogers, you name it. and I love that they have slots for ID and credit cards or cash incase you’re running out. and and you can buy additional straps to dress her up or down! can’t recommend this baby enough.

Ankle/Wrist Weights | this is a fun little gift for the mom who feels like she doesn’t have time to get a workout in. or maybe she does and wants a little extra. wear these babies around the house on your ankles or wrists and kill two birds with one stone. or wear them out for walks and double the workout. I have this pair, but these are on backorder (they are on backorder, but they’re just SO cute).

Single Serve Coffee Maker | so taking it back to the fact that I don’t like hot coffee, its just a lot of work. you either gotta do the whole bean grinding, French pressing deal or we have this massive Keurig that takes up way too much counter space and is too heavy to lift out on a daily basis. so I’m highly considering getting this little cutie for that mid day pick me up; thinking it would blend in perfectly and not take up too much space.

hope you guys liked this! I know its a little out of the box, but I think sometimes that’s what moms want, am I right?!

xo, ash








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  1. Kristen
    May 1, 2020 / 4:22 pm

    I’ll take one of everything, please! Love this list!

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