How I Incorporate 15 Superfoods Daily

Since becoming a mom, what I eat in a day varies from one end of the spectrum to another. Some days I look up at the clock and realize its 3pm before I’ve eaten my first meal or I am eating my daughter’s scraps from sun up to sun down (and sometimes that consists of avocado and sometimes its crushed goldfish).

Long gone are the days when I stroll over to the local salad shop and get myself a $15 salad filled with all the yummy superfoods, mainly because Ryleigh isn’t a salad eater and I’m not spending $15 for her to drop 3/4 of it on the floor. And on top of that, salads are not an on the go type of meal, we are often in a hurry or I need to be up and ready to chase an active toddler.

I’ve been downing iced coffee lately to keep up with her, but cups upon cups of iced coffee isn’t the healthiest, especially for my gut. So when the Superfoods Company reached out to me and wanted to send me their Superfood Tabs, I thought what is there to lose. Not only are they easily dissolvable in water, each tab is full of 15 superfoods, including, but not limited to, elderberry, beet, green tea, matcha and more.

I’ve used them for the last week or so and I love them!! The convenience factor is HUGE for moms or really anyone on the go! They come in a small tube that you can literally fit anywhere : diaper bag, purse, junk drawer, glove box you name it.

How I Incorporate 15 Superfoods Daily | never been so

How I Incorporate 15 Superfoods Daily | never been so

I love that I get a little boost in a healthy way. Each tab contains 40mg of caffeine from green tea that doesn’t leave you with the jitters. Because I’ve been using the superfoods tabs, I’ve been drinking less coffee, which is resulting in less bloating! Talk about a WIN WIN.

It is SO easy to pop the tab in 16oz of water and let the magic happen. Once its fully dissolved, its ready to drink!

How I Incorporate 15 Superfoods Daily | never been so

Now that the weather is warming up, more often than not, we are spending our entire day outside. I’m always ready with snacks for Ryleigh, but I’m not necessarily trying to fill up on apple sauce pouches and fruit snacks. These superfoods tabs have been a game changer. It looks so good even Ryleigh tries to steal it from me, but this is the one thing I’m not sharing 🙂

How I Incorporate 15 Superfoods Daily | never been soHow I Incorporate 15 Superfoods Daily | never been so

Also, how PRETTY is this color! makes me feel like I’m drinking a fancy drink on an island, a girl can dream, right?

If you want to give Superfood Tabs a shot, use this link here and wait for them to arrive right to your doorstep! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


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  1. Georgette
    May 18, 2020 / 1:54 pm

    Sounds great, I am going to give them a try.

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