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Ok, so you guys know I’m a BIG Colleen Rothschild fan, like BIG BIG. I started using her products a little over two years ago and have been hooked every since. I started off with a few that became must haves and that has quickly transformed to a solid group of staples. Continue on to read all about the major Christmas in July Sale she’s got going on 7/21-7/26 (up to 50% off select items and 20% off everything else)!

While its my job to test out and review products for you guys, its rare that products make it to the ’empty’ pile (aka continued use and need more). However, CR shows up there quite often.

Colleen Rothschild Favorites | Never Been So

I’ve shared tutorials on instagram stories and static posts here and there, but I wanted to create a blog post that listed all of what I use and be able to update it as necessary! That way you can use the search function on the blog any time a sale pops up to see what I recommend!

I’ve promoted a few other sales this month, but the MAJOR sale is happening 7/21-7/26, up to 50% off select items and 20% off EVERYTHING ELSE!

I’ll take you through each of my must haves and why I love them!

Intense Hydrating Mask | If there’s one product you’re looking to try, ITS THIS. It is ALWAYS in my arsenal and its one of the products further discounted during this sale, coming it at only $34! This is an absolute must during the winter, its also great when your skin needs a little extra loving, if you’ve been traveling or indulging more than usual, this mask will bring your skin back to life. Its thick, but because its a gel, it doesn’t feel cakey, just super hydrating. Wash it off or wear it overnight! If you want something a  little less hydrating, I’d opt for the Sheer Renewal Cream (great option for day time!).

Colleen Rothschild Favorites | Never Been So | Christmas in July

Glycolic Acid Peel Pads |This product is actually relatively new to me and it already makes the must have pile. I used the Dennis Gross pads once, but couldn’t justify the cost. And while these ring in at $75 (half the price of DG), they’re 20% off during the sale, making them an even better deal! I also shared a tip for these over on instagram – cut them in half and you get double the value! They are a larger pad, so I found that I wasn’t maximizing the use by using the entire pad!

Retinol Supreme Night Oil | I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge oil person, my skin is already oily, so oil based products tend to make me feel intolerably greasy. So my mom actually ordered THREE of these and let me use one, and man I’m obsessed. I alternate nights between this oil and the age renewal super serum (per CR’s recommendation) and my skin has taken a serious turn for the better!

Age Renewal Super Serum | This is another product I’ve been using for YEARS. This was probably the first anti aging serum I started using and while I try out others, this one always remains on the top of my list. My skin sucks it in and you can use it am/pm. It pairs so well with the retinol supreme night oil (not to be used on the same day); if you’re pregnant, just stick with this, instead of the retinol.

Retinol Supreme Eye Serum | I’ve always used an eye cream, but I didn’t start to notice a difference in the fine lines around my eyes until I incorporated this retinol eye serum! Its like magic in a bottle, my eyes feel more alive when I wake in the morning. I pair with any eye cream!

These are all products I use on an everyday (or every other day) basis. Now I’ll get into masks, but before I do : full disclosure, I’m a beauty junkie, so you definitely don’t need all of these, but they do all provide different functions. I’ll list them in order of which leave my skin feeling the best, but I do really love them all!

Dual Enzyme Polish | This is the holy grail of masks, imo. Probably why its always sold out! So to me, this one is the best of both worlds, not only does it exfoliate and detoxifies, but it also removes dead skin to brighten you up! I’ve tried tons of other masks and nothing provides the same results as this guy!

Turmeric and Neem Oil Brightening Mask | This is another product the CR team sent over to me recently to try out and its instantly a favorite! I took it over to a friends house to have some of my girlfriends try it out and they all loved it! I didn’t know what to expect since we treat our plants with neem oil, but I was so happy with the results. My skin literally brightened up, felt more even and SO soft!

Colleen Rothschild Favorites | Never Been So | Christmas in July Sale

Clarifying Detox Mask | So, if you’re only looking for something to really clear out your pores, go with this mask. Its charcoal based and really removes trapped dirt and oil to leave your skin feeling EXTRA clean!

As always, I’m here as a reference for you, don’t ever feel like you need all of these products to achieve great skin. I just want to share my experience and products I love to incorporate in my routine, ESPECIALLY while they’re on sale! You know I love a good deal! I can’t wait to hear what you guys snag! Don’t forget to tag me and let me know what you think!

Please note that while this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. Additionally, this post does contain affiliate links, which if used, will result in a small commission. 




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