The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020

Its that time of year again, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is here! As usual, there are different dates when the sale opens up (just sign in and you’ll see when it opens for you!), however, this year Nordstrom has offered a preview of the sale to everyone two weeks prior! This has made life so much easier for anyone who plans to shop the sale, especially bloggers like me, who are also sharing content! Sharing those dates below!


I’m an ‘ambassador’ which has nothing to do with being an influencer, it is just what nordstrom calls the tier of spending I’m in. So I’ll be able to start shopping August 7. Last year I was able to go shop in store and bring things home day of to share, but my local store closed 🙁 So I’m going to share what I own and what I’ve purchased in real time!

I’ve thought in years past there were a lot more exciting options available, but there are still some good deals and I’ve highlighted them in three categories: women, home & beauty and kids.

From what I’ve heard Nordstrom plans to add things on a daily basis, so I plan to continue updating here and/or the LTK app. That being said, lets get to it!


I love purchasing staples (coats, shoes, activewear sets) and accessories during the Nordstrom Sale. Its also a really great time to purchase future stocking stuffers!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 | never been so

  1. Faux Leather Jacket | If you’re in need, this is a great time to purchase! I love the shearling lining underneath!
  2. Platform Sneakers | I highly recommend a pair of white sneaks and these are super cute!
  3. Adidas Sneakers | You guys know I love Adidas sneakers (I think I have 3 pairs), but how stinkin cute is this animal print style pair!!
  4. Bralette | I freakin love this bralette. I got it when I was nursing, but I still wear it to this day and honestly can’t wait to buy a second because I hateee when its in the laundry!
  5. Cardi Coat | This coat is A STEAL!! Comes in this camel color and a beautiful light grey!
  6. Sunnies | I LOVE Quay! I have so many of their sunnies so if I can get them on sale, I always go for it! Spoiler : these would make a great gift too!
  7. Zella Leggings | I love these leggings! And coming in at under $40, they’re at a great price! I also lived in their maternity leggings when I was pregnant and they’re part of the sale too!
  8. Cardigan | The Kent Cardigan is one of my favorite items to share during the Nordstrom sale! They always change up the color options, but the quality is amazing! I have it in 2 or 3 colors! The olive this year is gorg.
  9. Marc Fisher Boots | My absolute favorite pair of boots!! And this year five colors are part of the sale!! I have black and may need the cloud suede!
  10. Sports Bra | I love a longer sports bra and this price is right! I love the print and that it has matching bottoms!
  11. Leggings | You know I love a matching set!! But these would be super cute on their own with a black tank or graphic tee!
  12. Cozy socks | Another great stocking stuffer or way to treat yourself!
  13. Boots | I’ve had my eye on these boots for years (thank you Wild). And now they’re finally on sale!
  14. Reversible Jacket | Not only is this jacket super cute, but the reversibility really gives you bang for your buck!
  15. White Boots | I always get questions on my white boots, mine were a gift, but these are almost identical. If you like more of a chunky heel, these are on sale too!
  16. Faux Leather Leggings | Everyone goes crazy about the Spanx faux leather leggings and this year I saw BP has a pair for a fraction of the price so I’m excited to try them out and see how they are!


The kids section always has really great outerwear and shoes, but this year they included the stroller we have (and LOVE)!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 | never been so

  1. The North Face Raincoat | We snagged one of these last year and she’s gotten SO much wear out of it!! Definitely going to be purchasing another one this year in her size!
  2. Food Set | We love ezpz when it comes to first food gear for baby! I love this little set!
  3. Hooded Towel | Does it get much cuter than babies in hooded towels? The answer is no. This one comes in several styles!
  4. Baby Vans
  5. UGGs | These come in pink too!
  6. Jogger Set | So cute!
  7. Hunter Rain Boots | We love this brand of rain boots so when we can get them on sale, we jump on it! Also, pink leopard 🙂
  8. More EZPZ | Silicon bib aprons are clutch when they are first starting with foods!
  9. Foldable Bathtub | This product is new to me, but it sounds genius!! Baby bathtubs are SO bulky! I love that you can fold this one up in between baths!
  10. Uppa Baby Vista | I CAN NOT believe they added the UBV to the nordstrom sale this year! This one is going to go FAST! if you are a mom to be in the market for a stroller, hop on this deal!
  11. Snow Boots | I bought Ryleigh a pair of snow boots last year and we didn’t even get once inch of snow so she never got to wear them and now they’re too small. So while I’ll make sure she has a pair that fits, I’m 100% getting a pair on sale!
  12. Cardigan | The cutest little hooded cardigan! Puffy coats aren’t worth the investment for baby since they can’t wear them in the car seat and aren’t running around playing outside yet, so Ryleigh lived in cardigans when we’d go out up until it was time to walk!
  13. Patagonia Hoodie | This is the thickest we got in terms of outerwear. I LOVED this little cardigan on her. And just saw it comes in toddler sizes too!
  14. Bows | These were some of our favorite bows when Ryleigh was a baby!
  15. Matching Set | Another cute set, perfect as jammies or lounging. Comes in a dusty rose color with a heart also!

Home & Beauty

There weren’t a ton of items in this category, imo, but the ones below are the real deal!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 | never been so

  1. Barefoot Dreams Blanket | Yes, they’re expensive and kind of over the top, but its such a ‘treat yourself’ purchase or again, this is the great time to get started on that holiday shopping!
  2. Blush Stemless Glasses | Dont these just scream ‘pour rosé in me please!’ I love them!
  3. Olaplex Trio | I’ve always used no. 3 as a mask, but when I got my hair done last week, my stylist recommended to start using it in conjunction with the olaplaex shampoo and conditioner (which I’ve never tried) and then saw they are doing an exclusive bundle for the nordstrom sale, so super excited to snag this one.
  4. Mini Lipglass Trio | I’m the queen of misplacing lip glosses, like THE QUEEN. I always stick it in a pocket or car or drawer and never remember where, but with this trio I can just put one in each place and use it as I need. Plus I LOVE these shades!
  5. Good Genes Duo | So many people recommended Good Genes during the Sephora and I regretfully didnt jump on board, but now that its on the nordstrom sale I’m going to give it a shot! Plus this one comes with a travel size as well!
  6. T3 Brush Set | You guys know I LOVE T3 Micro. All the heat tools and brushes I use are T3, so I highly highly recommend snagging this set! Such good quality that lasts forever!
  7. Bathroom Jar | I love these little jars, they’re perfect for bobby pins, hair ties, cotton balls etc.
  8. Wine Glasses | Is this wine glass not stunning?! Set of 6 for $45!
  9. T3 Hair Dryer | Like I mentioned, T3 is my go to for hair tools, if you’re in the market for a hair dryer, this is the way to go!
  10. Marble Coasters | Would look good on any bar cart, patio or a perfect stocking stuffer!
  11. Barefoot Dreams Pet Sweater | While I don’t have a dog and my cats would scratch the shit out of me if I tried to put this on them, I need someone with a pet to snag this for their fur babe. Comes in black/white too!

There ya go! All my picks from the Nordstrom sale, so far! I hope this helps and doesn’t overwhelm you more! And at the end of the day, don’t ever feel pressured to shop the sale just because you’re seeing it all over social! But for those of you who are, I can’t wait to see what you guys snag, happy shopping!!


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