NBS Holiday Gift Guide 2020 : For the Home

The ‘for the home’ gift guide is always one of my favorites! This is usually a compilation of items I own/love or items I’ve had my eye on and hoping Santa takes a look! I’m a sucker for home gadgets yet somehow never have enough and I have a feeling some of you may feel the same!

NBS Holiday Gift Guide 2020 : For the Home | Never Been So


  1. NinjaFoodi | Ok, this guy is a game changer and I’ve only used one or two of the eight features! Its basically an all in one appliance that air fries, roasts, bakes, dehydrates, pressure cooks etc. I’ve had my eye on an air fryer for months, but never pulled the trigger. The NinjaFoodi popped up on prime day and when I saw all it offered, plus the rave reviews, I snagged it, had buyer remorse (as I often do), but instantly felt validated the first time I used it! Note : it is a very big appliance (bigger than I’d like on my countertop), but its worth it for how often I use!
  2. Bakeware Set with Lids | One thing I’ve learned recently with how often we’ve been cooking is that I have a ton of bakeware, none of which have lids. This set not only has lids for serving, but lids for leftovers too!
  3. Echo Dot and Mount | We got an echo dot from a friend a few months ago and only started using it (and loving it) recently, but the cord bothered me every time I looked at it. So then I snagged a mount on prime day and the game has been changed! The only downfall is how quickly Ryleigh has learned to work Alexa so we are now listening to super simple songs way more than I ever thought we would.
  4. Mini Dutch Oven | I’ve had my eye on these for awhile, but this color is too pretty to pass on! These would be adorable for individual soups (think French onion) or desserts (think creme brûlée)! Just because we aren’t really going out to dinner as often, doesn’t mean you can’t totally up your small scale hosting game at home!
  5. Ring Doorbell and Indoor Cam | It took us a bit, but I’m so glad we hopped on the ring train! We went from none to three in the matter of days and plan to add another for Ryleigh’s room once she’s out of the crib and we put the nanit in the nursery. We started with the ring doorbell and its legit a game changer, I’ve talked to delivery people, neighbors etc and can always check recordings! We then got the indoor cam for our basement now that Ryleigh is a little more independent and can play downstairs with her friends, its nice to check in on them and gets good view of the entire space! We also have the flood light ring for our backyard, but don’t use it as much, more so have it out of caution incase anything was to ever happen back there!
  6. Mixing Bowls with Lids | At this age I’m realizing just how important lids are to me, if that doesn’t scream adult, idk what does. As with bakeware, I have a ton of mixing bowls, but none of them match and again, no lids! Really excited to snag this set!
  7. Champagne Preserver | How have I never heard of this before?! I always thought I had to finish an open bottle of bubbles for fear of it going bad!
  8. Ullo Wine Purifier | We discovered this little gem at the start of Covid when our drinking was at an all time high and rather than pull back on it, we decided to just make it ‘healthier.’ This guy purifies any wine, removing all the bad (think sulfites and gnarly hangovers) and leaving you with the good. You can buy the Ullo solo and pour it over your own serve ware or buy it in a set with a carafe or decanter!
  9. Electric Egg Cooker | I am a huge hard boiled egg fan, but hate the prep. I posted a while back that I get the pre cooked eggs in a bag and you guys were appalled that I didn’t have this little electric cooker! Its been on my list though and I plan to make you proud this year!
  10. Half Baked Harvest Cookbook | Cookbooks are a great holiday gift, imo, especially right now when everyone has been cooking more than ever for the last nine months! Tieghan Gerard is probably one of my favorite resources, I love her recipes and watching her stories on instagram! I have both her super simple cookbook and her original, you can’t go wrong with either, both I use on a regular basis!
  11. UV Portable Sterilizer | I mean now more than ever we need to sterilize the shit out of everything, with this little portable gadget, keep your phone, tablet, laptop and other items virus- and bacteria-free!
  12. Roomba | This one has been on my gift guides since we got it almost three years ago! It is one of my favorite purchases that we use almost every other day! We have two cats and a messy toddler, so having something else take over the vacuuming is a huge help! 100% worth the money, imo.

Happy shopping!! If you have any other home ideas or recommendations, please leave them below in the comments! And check out the other NBS 2020 holiday gift guides!


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