NBS Holiday Gift Guide 2020 : For the Men

This is how the conversation goes with all the men in my life around the holidays!

Me : “What do you want for Christmas?”

Them : “Nothing”

Me : “Come on, you have to want something!”

Them : “I have everything I want, what do you want?”

Me : goes on to list at least 10-15 things….a day until Christmas.

Needless to say men are tough! But I’ve got some good things on this list that your boyfriend, husband, father, father-in-law, brother should all be happy with, especially since my very hard to please husband has given them the thumbs up!

NBS Holiday Gift Guide 2020 For the Men | Never Been So

  1. Salt Gun | Never in my life did I envision the visual I saw this summer of my husband shooting flies with a burst of salt. Its a guy thing I guess, but this thing makes him (and several of our male neighbors) very very happy. I never promised I’d understand every one of these gifts, but I can promise they’re a hit!
  2. Cozy Slippers | I can always count on Will wanting new slippers, he wears them down to the sole each year! This is a new brand I hadn’t heard of before, but the amount of times I’ve heard it in the last month makes up for it. Between his brother and our neighbors, this was a must have that Will just had to purchase for himself before the holidays. At least it allows me to share his rave review with you guys!
  3. Joggers | Now that Will is working from home, his work attire consists of joggers every single day. These are one of his favorites (and mine), they fit so well and the quality is A+.
  4. Theragun Dupe | Ok, so the theragun had been on my list for Will since the beginning of the year, I always debated how to justify the price because part of me thought he may not even use it even though he’s always complaining about muscle aches and soreness, but then out of nowhere popped a billion dupes at a fraction of the price. This just made more sense to me given that he would only need it occasionally versus the frequency at which a true athlete may need it. I did a ton of research and this one seemed like the best option, but in reality they all get basically the same reviews. We probably won’t try it out until he gets it for Christmas, unless I ruin the surprise (typical)!
  5. Yeti Soft Cooler | Will got this this summer for the few vacations we managed to go on and we both loved it! Kept those hard seltzers and bottles of wine ice cold. And much easier to carry for a quick trip to the beach than the typical hard cooler. Has a tight closure so keeps ice from melting as well!
  6. Expandable Hose with Mount | What a boring practical gift, but it brought Will SO much joy haha! We had normal garden hoses for years, they’re bulky and such a pain to reel up, so I came across this one and it was like I struck gold! It expands and retracts on its own and with this mount it takes up the smallest of spaces and keeps it off the grass, win win!
  7. Meater | I’ve shared this one before, but its such a good buy if the guy in your life likes cooking and experimenting with meat, no skill required! Its a wifi enabled bluetooth meat thermometer that allows them to essentially ‘set it and forget it.’ The thermometer stays in the meat and they can watch in real time via their phone, so no more checking unless they just can’t help themselves!
  8. Beard Conditioner | If there’s one thing I’m determined to get Will to use in 2021, its skincare and beard conditioner, but I’m thinking I’ll have more luck with the latter! This bottle even looks manly enough to entice him to actually use it! I’ll never understand how men can get away with having good skin using a bar of soap, but its bound to catch up to them right?!
  9. Apple Watch | If your men doesn’t yet have an apple watch, this is a great bigger gift! Will was skeptical of it, but has since become a convert! Between exercise tracking and the ease of having texts and emails readily available, its a must, imo; plus the sleek look is my favorite of the fit trackers!
  10. Hot Sauce Making Kit | Will and my dad both love hot sauce, so I thought this would be a fun creative project! They can concoct their own blends and it’d be cool to follow up with a little hot sauce dual!

Hope these ideas help for the guy in your life who has everything! And don’t forget to check out my gift guide for the ladies!



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