NBS Holiday Gift Guide 2020 : For Kids 12-24 Months

This gift guide was one of the easiest for me because we just went through this season of life and I included all Ryleigh’s favorite things! Its wild to me she’s already grown out of a lot of these and she’s only just over two! I chalk it up to her hanging with a lot of older kids in the neighborhood, so stay tuned for my gift guide for ages 3-5!

Gone are the days I thought I’d have only neutral colored toys for my kid; all the ones she liked screamed color, so I took advantage when I could, but for the most part I gave in. If you’re like me, let it go and soak it in, its one of my favorite times…so far!

NBS Holiday Gift Guide 2020 | For Kids 12-24 Months | Never Been So

  1. Learning Tower | We got this as soon as Ryleigh could walk and have used it daily ever since! She’s always shown a ton of interest in what we’re doing in the kitchen and its great for just keeping her in one place! For awhile we had to put her in and out of it, but now she climbs in and out on her own! This one is big enough for two, so when she has a friend over and we’re baking there’s no drama!
  2. Tabletop Easel | Ryleigh used to play with this every single day, we put it away a few months ago and she found it and has been obsessed with it again! We got her a set of magnetic animals to use with it. We’re upgrading her this year to a standing easel and I can’t wait!
  3. Ball Pit | We had a ball pit set up for almost a year in our basement! We used an extra inflatable minnidip pool that we had leftover, BUT how cute (aka neutral) is this one! Its on the pricier side, but with how often we used it, I definitely would’ve splurged! Only reservation is it looks a lot smaller than the one we used, so if you want one you can be able to get in too, maybe opt for the inflatable pool option!
  4. Roller Coaster | Ryleigh first tried this at gymnastics and once I saw the smile on her face, I knew we’d be getting it for her! She got it for her first birthday and loved it! She still uses it and so do her older friends! If it moves slow when you first open it, just grease her down a bit 😉
  5. Water Wow Pads | These have been life saving at restaurants or in the car, you just fill the little ‘marker’ with water and the page fills with color as they draw, but its mess free!
  6. Number and Shape Puzzle | We loved using this to practice numbers and shapes! I put the rings away the second we got it because I knew those would be lost in 0.5 seconds. We’ve lost a few of the numbers but for the most part have a full set! Ryleigh knew what a hexagon within a few weeks!
  7. First Slide | She was so excited for this little slide! We used it indoors for awhile since it was a Christmas gift and then moved it outdoors. In the summer we propped it in our inflatable pool, she loved it!
  8. Musical Mat | This is such a fun interactive toy! We taught Ryleigh early on how to turn it on herself and it lead to tons of independent play, but its fun to join in too!
  9. Violet | I remember when she got this toy, I was like whoa its so bright and loud and of course it became one of her absolute favorite toys! You can program it to say your child’s name, favorite food etc. Before Ryleigh could talk she learned how many presses of her paw it took to get to the song she wanted!
  10. Cleaning Set | Ryleigh loved ripping these off the stand and slowly learned how they work by watching mommy! Its been fun to ‘clean’ together! Even the other day after setting up my flocked mantle garland, Ryleigh saw the mess and instantly ran to grab the broom to help!
  11. Water Beads | This is such a fun activity that keeps her engaged for so long, but spoiler : its messy (as all the fun kid activities are)! You soak them in water overnight and they expand!
  12. Play Kitchen | I feel like this is pretty much a staple in the world of kids! The one we got Ryleigh last year is no longer available, so I can’t speak exactly to this one, but its as neutral as it gets which makes me happy! Getting a play kitchen opens up the doors for all the fun play food sets like this one, this one and this one! She also LOVES this set!


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