NBS Holiday Gift Guide 2020 : For Kids 2-5 Years

This gift guide is basically a list of things we’re asking Santa for this year or know kids a little older in this age group love! I can only speak to the few of these that we actually have, but know that they’ll be a hit!

If you’re looking for things Ryleigh has loved over the last year, check out my gift guide for ages 12-24 months!


NBS Holiday Gift Guide 2020 | For Kids 2-5 years | Never Been So


  1. Inflatable Air Fort | I saw someone talk about this recently and knew Ryleigh would LOVE it! Its the alternative to a full inflatable bounce house, but with all the fun! FYI : you do need a box fan to power this guy up!
  2. Trolls World Tour Turntable | This may be for kids a little older than Ryleigh, but she’s obsessed with Trolls, so I’m sure she’d figure it out real quick!
  3. Trampoline | We’ve actually had this one for awhile, but she’s really only started to jump on it as of recently! She used to sit and stand on it, but now she’s really jumping!! She loves it!
  4. Calendar Chart | Our neighbor mentioned getting this for her three, almost four, year old and I thought it’d be a fun thing for them to do together and a great way to start learning days of the week, months, weather etc!
  5. Duplo Legos | We got this set for Ryleigh a few months ago and she LOVES building with them! Its one of the few things I can tell her to go do independently while I get some work done! She’s always so proud of what she builds! This particular set comes with a little storage box #winning!
  6. Play-Doh Sets | I made homemade play doh sometime last year and she cared about it for all of two seconds. She got a little jar of play doh during halloween and she was obsessed!! I bought her a couple jars and she loved molding it! So figured we could buy a set or two for her to really play with, just linked up this ice cream set, but there are plenty!
  7. Scooter | I’ve been debating this one mainly because I feel like its a little old for her, but she sees all her older friends playing with theirs and wants to play too! She has a plastic scooter she got last year, but it barely works and its more harm than fun! So I think I’m biting the bullet and figure she can grow into it! Also opting for a new helmet!
  8. 3 in 1 T-Ball Set | We got this for Ryleigh for her birthday and she LOVES it!! She’s 100% not coordinated, but she steps on the pedal and watches the ball shoot up, then tries to hit it!
  9. Magna-tiles | Another gift she got for her birthday, but only recently started getting into them! We asked her what she wanted Santa to bring and her answer ‘more magna-tiles!’ Her favorite thing to build right now are dog houses and bridges!
  10. Washing Machine | I’m pretty sure I didn’t show interest in laundry until right before I went away to college (mom, amirite?), but Ryleigh already shows interest! Follows me to the laundry room every time I’m in there and loves helping to put things in the dryer, so I’m thinking she’ll love this little pretend washing machine!
  11. 2-Sided Art Easel | If you checked out my gift guide for kids 12-24 months, you know Ryleigh loved her tabletop easel we had, so this year we’re upgrading! I’m most excited for this gift! It’s dual sided and has a paper roll at the top! This kid loves art and now she can stand and create with all of her markers, crayons, paint in arms reach!
  12. Palm Springs Playhouse | They had a few of these pop up playhouses at this kids playseum we went to pre-covid and Ryleigh loved them! I loved this little Palm Springs playhouse! This one is also on sale right now and there are a few others in the collection on sale too!

I’m super excited for Christmas morning this year! Ryleigh was a little too young last year to really get it, but she’s already so into the decorations and elf on the shelf etc, so I’m thinking seeing her eyes light up opening some of these is going to be the best ever!


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