NBS Holiday Gift Guide 2020 : Wellness

2020 has thrown a lot at us and the only way I’m personally making it through is focusing on what I can control by taking care of myself and my family, whether that be getting outside for some fresh air, adding in some new supplements, exercising, eating right etc.

This gift guide has a little bit of everything that will help the person on your list focus on upping their wellness journey!

NBS Holiday Gift Guide 2020 - Wellness | Never Been So


  1. Ankle/Wrist Weights | One question I get asked most frequently is where I get my ankle weights! I try to walk at least three times a week wearing these bad boys! I’ve been using 3lbs each and think I’m even ready to up my weight! The Bala ones are really pretty, but they only go up to 2lbs 🙁
  2. Dry Brush | tbh, I don’t know much about dry brushing other than its one of the latest trends that everyone is talking about, so naturally I asked for one! This one gets good reviews!
  3. Apple Watch | I can’t say enough good things about the Apple Watch! It keeps me on track for daily standing, exercise and move goals! Compete with others or use it as motivation itself!
  4. Hydroflask Water Bottle | If you ask my husband, he’d tell you I’m a water bottle/cup addict, I basically have one attached to me at all times. The thing about all my others is that they leaked if you threw them around, but this one is sealed tight! And keeps my water ultra cold the way it should be!
  5. Travel Wellness Kit | A six-piece set with all of the health and safety essentials (such as sanitizer, a mask, reusable thermometer strip etc) you need tucked into one tidy faux-leather pouch, so you’ll be stylishly prepared.
  6. Sakara Beauty Chocolates | You guys know I’ve become a huge Sakara fan as of lately so I have to share a few of my favorites, especially while they’re only sale of the year is LIVE! 25% off until 11/30! These little chocolates are full of good for you ingredients and give you that little sweet fix you may need during this time of year!
  7. Beauty Water/Detox Drops | I’m obsessed with the detox drops and have heard amazing things about the beauty water! If you want to try these two in a smaller version with a few of their other bestsellers, opt for the discovery kit!
  8. Sakara Probiotic | Know how you know you’re an adult? You add a probiotic to your supplement regimen! I’ve heard wonderful things about Sakara’s probiotic! I incorporated into my routine a few weeks ago! Great time to stock up during the 25% off sale!
  9. AirPods | I live for these little guys, they are perfect for working out, cleaning, taking calls etc! Call me boujee, but don’t come at me with a corded set of headphones!
  10. Equilibria Sets | I love their CBD products, they’re made for women by women. I’ve taken a pause on them for now while I’m pregnant, but typically I use the daily drops and the gel caps! THey’ve come out with a few holiday sets and new products that I’m excited to try post baby! Use code ashleyclayton for 15% off!
  11. Clarins Tonic Treatment Oil | I started using this to keep my belly moisturized during pregnancy and quickly learned I love using this all over during these colder months, my legs, chest, arms etc! The smell is calming and instantly transports me to a spa!

I hope these items help ease the chaos that is 2020 as we transition into 2021! If you have any other recs, as always leave them in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out this year’s other gift guides!


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