NBS Holiday Gift Guide 2020 : For Parents & In-laws

The gift guide I got the most requests for is this one! Parents and In-laws! The hardest people to buy for! I took some inspo from gift guides past and what actually got rave reviews by ours!

NBS Holiday Gift Guide 2020 : For Parents & In-laws | Never Been So

  1. Digital Photo Frame | I’ve seen this gift floating around and who better to gift it to than parents and in-laws! They can’t get enough of photos and if you’re like me, you’re terrible at printing them! This keeps them in one place and on display at all times!
  2. Nutribullet | We LOVE our nutribullet, its a nice and easy way to make smoothies, ice cream, soups etc for one or two! Makes clean up a breeze!
  3. Ice Cream Froyo Maker | This is a fun one! I’ve actually never tried it, but I LOVE the idea of it! How fun would it be for your parents or in-laws to host a DIY froyo night (complete with all the toppings, of course) or just make their own flavors of ice cream on a hot day! Turn them into kids all over again.
  4. Back and Neck Massager | I’d love to gift my parents a weekly massage if I could, but that gets pricey and well, Covid! This is the next best thing. They get the benefit of a heated massage from the comfort of their own couch in their own home!
  5. Frozen Cocktail Glass, Set of 2 | If your parents or in-laws are anything like mine, they like to have a good time outside! These plastic stemless frozen cocktail glasses are sure to be a hit! They could easily work with virgin drinks and smoothies too! Pair them with some fun mixers and salt rimers for a full gift set!
  6. 23 And Me DNA Report | My parents actually asked for this one, so it was a no brainer. They offer the ancestry option along with a health option to give you the low down on things that run in the family they may not know about. This is definitely a fun project they’d love to have you dig into the results with!
  7. Grandparents Sign | This is a great gift for those new (or seasoned) grandparents. It was my parents first Christmas as grandparents last year, so obviously this made my mom cry like a baby when she opened it on Christmas morning.
  8. Tile Bluetooth Finder | I need to grab this for pretty much everyone in my life, but especially my parents. The gift set comes with pieces to put in their wallets as well as key chains to hook to certain items! Then they use their phone to essentially call the lost item in question!
  9. Callie’s Biscuits | A safe bet for that person you don’t know who to buy for is always some sort of food delivery! And who wouldn’t want yummy biscuits sent to their home! Pop these in the microwave for 20-25 mins and your house will instantly smell like a bakery! The sampler pack is a great way to go!
  10. Record Player | My parents have yet to figure out music on their phones and they have an am/fm radio going when we’re over! Upgrade that situation allowing them to play some of their old (and new favorites) while also giving them the nostalgia of vinyl! Records will become their new thing and it sets you up for gift ideas in the future! This one plays am/fm too 😉
  11. Dessert for Two Cookbook | Parents and In-laws love baking for their families, but for times when its just them, snag them a small batch cookbook!




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