NBS Holiday Gift Guide 2020 : Stocking Stuffers

One of my favorite parts of the holidays are the stockings! There is nothing more fun than stuffing a stocking full of gifts that the person on your list didn’t know they needed or didn’t think to buy for themselves! Stocking stuffers are often typically on the affordable side, so you get more bang for your buck!

Stay tuned to instagram as I may be sharing more on stories that weren’t a part of this list because I had to draw the line somewhere! And best part is these are all available on prime so you have until the last minute to get your orders in!

NBS Holiday Gift Guide 2020 : Stocking Stuffers | Never Been So

  1. Waterproof Portable Speaker | One of my favorite stocking stuffers that Will gifted me last year is this little guy! He got it for me to listen while I’m in the shower and since we’ve taken it everywhere with us! Its great for hanging out on the patio too, especially for those late nights where we forget to bring it inside because its waterproof!
  2. Slip Hair Ties | I love these little hair ties! They feel luxurious and leave no creases behind! Plus how cute is this packaging?!
  3. USB Electric Lighter | I’ve seen these all over the internet, so naturally needed to get one myself! Love how quick and easy it is to light all the candles throughout my house and keep it safe!
  4. Beauty Blender Dupes | These are THE only way I apply my foundation, concealer and liquid blush! I love these WAY more than regular beauty blenders and you get them for a fraction of the price! They’re so cheap, I’m even including a few of them in Ryleigh’s stocking since she loves hanging with me when I do my makeup!
  5. Brumate | This is such a good gift for anyone! These little insulated gems are great for hard seltzers, regular seltzers, skinny can beers and come in a ton of colors!
  6. Cork Pops Wine Opener | I’ve had various wine openers over the years, but our neighbor gifted us this one last Christmas and its AMAZING! It’s so stinkin simple and quick aka gets you to your wine asap!
  7. Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter | I just got this lip balm during the Sephora sale and its one of the best I’ve had in awhile! The smell is SO good! Will loves it too!
  8. Mini Refillable Perfume Spray Bottle | Ok, I recently came across a blogger raving about this and omg its genius! I’m very particular about my perfume and always struggle when it comes to travel, this little guy fills up with your favorite perfume to take on the go! No more buying special travel sizes!
  9. Collapsible Cup | This cup is perfect for anyone on the go, fill it with your favorite beverage and once your done, collapse it up and throw it in your bag! Keeps your hands free-r for longer!
  10. Cozy Socks | These are by far my favorite pair of socks! They are so comfy and warm! Love cozying up on the couch wearing these by the fire!
  11. Beanie | One sure fire gift that anyone will love is a beanie! I bought this for myself a few weeks ago and Will slowly stole it (even though he has ten of his own)! They even have matching ones for minis!
  12. External Charger | I’ve had an external charger attached to my hip ever since I lived in Charleston and would go out by myself regularly, few times too many did my phone die while I was out alone, so in addition to safety, its suuuuper convenient! The one I had several years ago needed one cord to charge the charger itself and another charge to charge your device. Recently I grabbed this one and what a game changer, no other cords necessary! And it even charges your phone while its plugged in, so perfect for travel!
  13. Tile Bundle | Ok if you have someone in your life who loses everything they own, this is the gift for them! The tile attaches to whatever item is constantly lost and allows you to program it into your phone and ‘alert’ the item when you chose to do so! The essentials bundle gives you a slim one for a wallet, a key chain ring, and two stickers (hello no more lost remote!!).
  14. Frother | What better way to treat someone than with a fancy coffee at home! Give them the gift of a frothy latte anytime they want! It pays for itself in 2.5 uses!


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