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Its no surprise that I’m a huge peloton fan. We’re teetering on the edge of ‘addict’ actually. I share a ton of my favorites on instagram, not only to let you guys know what’s good, but for my own accountability, and recently one of you asked for me to do a peloton q&a! I received a lot of the same questions, so figured I’d give it a place to live on my blog for you guys to save or reference as you need!

Let me start with a little background. We got our bike when we first moved into our house, around March 2018. I had lost my workout routine since we moved out of the city a few months prior and was five months pregnant, but HAD to have it. Let’s just say it was not the experience I expected. I hated it actually. The seat was uncomfortable, I never hit the numbers the instructors called out and felt defeated. I made excuse after excuse and it got to the point I was doing probably one ride every two weeks. I did make use of a lot of the floor classes – which at that time only consisted of weights and yoga. My husband loved the bike right away and then a month or so in he also mentioned how he was barely able to hit the numbers the instructors called out without almost dying, which led us to question it since he’s been an avid spinner for years. We called the peloton tech team and they ran a calibration test and come to find out our bike was completely off, so once they fixed that numbers felt much more attainable, BUT at that point I was seven months pregnant and building a spin routine wasn’t in the cards before baby came!

I didn’t fully get into the peloton cult until post baby and then it rolled like a snowball. I’m 1000% a peloton hype girl and proud of it. Its changed my relationship with exercise, its no longer something I dread (most days), but something I look forward to! And even before covid hit, it was almost impossible to imagine getting out of the house to a gym with a baby at home, so having my workout at home was game changing. And now with peloton constantly introducing new features and more options, its hard to not find something for everyone!

Peloton Q+A | Never Been So

Okay, now lets get into the Q+A!

Q : How many rides does it take before it gets easier?

A : Probably the most asked question! The thing with fitness I’ve learned is that it doesn’t ever get easier, you just get stronger and are able to take on more as you do! Maybe that’s not the answer you wanted to hear haha, but I will tell you that it does get more manageable! As I mentioned, I used to DREAD clipping into the bike and now I’m excited to clip in for some me time – that’s got to give you some hope! That being said, definitely choose rides that excite you rather than intimidate you! You don’t need to start off with a 45 min hiit and hills, that would scare anyone off! Pick a fun playlist, a good instructor, swipe the leaderboard away and just ride! Keep doing that and I promise you’ll get hooked real quick! Oh and if the seat is killing your lady bits or booty, that goes away with time! 😉

Q : Favorite instructors?

A : Second most asked question, but this is a loaded one because I swear by different instructors for different moods and needs for the day.
Cody | a crowd favorite, imagine you’re going to a workout class with your bff where its 1/3 killer playlist, 1/3 exercise and 1/3 gossip, some days this is exactly what I need!
Alex | if things aren’t going your way, he will remind you you’re blessed just to be alive – his club bangers classes are some of my favs!
Jess King| I’m very selective on playlists, but she has the ability to make me groove to literally ANYTHING! I think during one class she even played baby shark and I was crushing it! Her energy is infectious and makes you feel like you will literally pedal off the damn bike!
Emma & Ally | If therapy is what you’re looking for, head to one of their rides. They’ll give you a killer workout while talking you through some hard things and reminding you how strong you are physically and mentally.
Tunde & Kendall | They will literally push you as hard as you can possibly go, sometimes you need that, sometimes you don’t. I choose them on days I’m feeling ready to kill it.
Jess Sims | If you want someone to kick your butt and not feel bad about it, take a Jess Sims class. She’s mostly on the tread, but has recently started offering bike bootcamps that are killer and her flash 15 strength classes will leave you breathless.
Adrian | He’s mostly tread-focused (I hop on my neighbors when I can because I love his vibe so much), but his strength workouts are some of my favs! Plus he’s not bad to look at 😉
Olivia | She has some great playlists and her core classes will leave you dead, but wanting more.
Hannah | Her 90s country rides are some of my favs (I’m a country girl at heart) and I love hitting the floor with her for barre and pilates!
Anna and Aditi | if you need some calm, they are the ones for you. whether its their yoga or meditation classes, they have a way to just put me in a different headspace – they also do some pretty cool themed yoga classes – 90s pop yoga anyone?
Robin | she will definitely get you hype and her playlists are usually some of my favs – she also recently added some prenatal rides and strength classes that are good for any expecting mamas!

Oh and if social media is your thing, its super fun to follow all of the instructors to sneak a peak into their daily lives and keep up with what’s coming down the pike! It also pretty exciting to tag them and get a response or share!

Q: What’s the trick to getting higher outputs? My output doesn’t move much between rides? Is that normal? How do I see a change?

A : Easy answer: Keep at it. Use the leaderboard for a push. Ride with someone. I usually do the best when I’m riding with someone in real time for a live ride or on demand using the ‘here now’ feature or if I’m competing against someone who’s already taken the ride. I also tend to ‘compete’ against myself if I feel like I’m not up to speed with others at the moment. If you take a ride you’ve already taken in the past, filter by ‘following’ and ‘just me’ and it will allow you to ride against yourself. Hashtags and other filters are useful too, being that I’m pregnant now, I tend to filter by ‘#pelopreggos’ and age group because I know I’m far off from the numbers I used to hit pre-pregnancy and sometimes that’s frustrating. That all being said, as hard as it is, try not to let the numbers outshine the feeling you get from the workout in general. Easier said than done, I know, but times I just ride with feeling and swipe away the leaderboard, letting go of just focusing on catching or beating someone, but rather what I’m doing for me. Thats when I usually feel the best when I’m done, regardless of numbers.

Q : To see body changes do you mix strength classes with rides or just ride?

A : I’m obviously not a certified trainer and every body is different, but since I started my fitness journey years ago, I always saw changes most when I diversified my workouts. I also found that I stay on track more when I’m not doing the same thing everyday, I get bored easily. I really love the new stacks feature on peloton because it allows you to stack several workouts and I’m more likely to stick to it when it reminds me I have something else on deck. I was getting into a rut where I would do a 30 or 45 min ride and be so tired after that I’d just say screw it and be done with my workout right then. So lately, I’ve been ‘stacking’ shorter rides with some strength added in (whether that be weights, pilates or barre), just to ensure I get a little of both most days!

Q : Do you prefer 30 or 45 min rides?

A : This kind of plays off the previous question. If I had to choose between the two, I’d go 30 for sure. 45 min rides seem so draining, I find myself just staring at the clock countdown. I can handle a 30 and a 15, or two 20s and a 5 and feel fine, but man one solid 45 min is tough for me ha its a mental thing. I need a mix up!

Q : Has the bike become shaky over time?

A : Ours hasn’t become shaky, but there are a few things we’ve had to call support for, but the customer service has been extremely helpful. I would say the biggest thing was calling about the cleats. Shortly after getting our bike, we kept hearing a clicking noise any time we were out of the saddle and while it didn’t affect function, it was very annoying. Customer service had us send them a video and instantly sent us out a new set of cleats. I remember them mentioning something like they give everyone basic cleats, but if they start to experience that same problem they send out the upgraded version. It was an instant fix. Another issue we had was volume in the air pods, I think that has since been addressed in a software update, but the manual fix is a factory reset, which we’ve done a few times.

Q: What made you choose the bike over the treadmill?

A: Well we got the bike before the treadmill was a thing. I’ve always been more of a runner than a biker, so if we had the choice now I would probably go treadmill over bike, but Will has always preferred cycling to running, so who knows who would win that battle ha. I definitely wouldn’t mind having the treadmill, however, I at least have the option to run outside when the weather is nice whereas a bike workout is only happening stationary for me. Fun fact: I only learned to ride a bike a few years ago and I’d say I’m still pretty shaky, so you won’t see me out on a long trail ride any time soon.

Q : Can I switch mobile app to the peloton bike?

A : I don’t see why not! Once you have a membership, you can log in to any device with the app, including your bike! Another cool feature is you can add as many profiles to your membership as you’d like. This is super helpful if you have people coming to visit and want to try peloton out or if you just want to split the membership with someone! It’s like Netflix, but for workouts!

Q : I’ve heard the seat is uncomfortable, does it get better?

A : 1000000% yes. Those first few rides that leave you in major pain will shortly become a thing of the past! You just get used to it. We never had to order any sort of padded shorts or gel seat, but I know those options are available!

Q : Any fav accessories?

A : We ordered the bike mat, bike weights (3lbs) and a pair of shoes for me when we got the bike. Will had his own clip in spin shoes that work just fine (you may need a set of cleats depending what shoes you have). Highly recommend all of these as we use them regularly. If you are in the market and want to save $100 on accessories, input this code at checkout: SJSFGZ. I swear by using wireless headphones for workouts, the speaker is fine, but I like my music to drown everything else out, plus half the time I’m working out is when the baby is sleeping, so makes sense to keep outside volume low.  The only thing I wish we had was a heart rate monitor that connects to the bike, we’ve tried so many on the market and they all eventually break. I believe the bike+ syncs with the apple watch to show your heart rate, but we have the original bike so that’s not an option for us. Other than that, you really don’t need anything else! We’ve slowly been building up our home gym stash with other equipments like dumbbells (for floor strength classes), bands (resistance classes), bench, etc, but thats all outside of what you need from peloton!

Q : Favorite classes?

A : So I have an entire highlight dedicated to favorite peloton workouts, but off the top of my head here are a few I’d highly recommend!

20 min year of yes ride | Tunde Oyeneyin 1/4/2020

30 min World Mental Health Day Ride | Kendall Toole 10/10/2020

30 min Backstreet Boys ride | Cody Rigsby 5/17/19

45 min 2000s ride | Kendall Toole 2/7/2020 (I promise this one totally makes you forget you’re taking a 45 min ride)

20 min 90s pop ride | Kendall Toole 2/21/2020

45 min Red Hot Chili Peppers ride | Emma Lovewell 7/24/19

30 min Lady Gaga ride | Cody Rigsby 1/16/2020

30 min women of rock ride | Emma Lovewell 3/5/2020

15 min boss ride | Ally Love 10/15/2020

30 min 90s pop ride | Tunde Oyeneyin 5/29/2020

30 min Britney Spears ride | Cody Rigsby 7/15/2020

30 min 2000s ride | Kendall Toole 6/26/2020 and 9/14/2020 (for my emo babies)

30 min JLO ride | Jess & Robin 10/15/19

20 min country ride | Ally Love 2/21/2021

30 min Lizzo ride | Robin Arzon 8/2/19

30 min Upper Body Strength | Adrian Williams 2/18/2021 (you’ll even hear a little shout out to yours truly!)

30 min Outkast Full Body strength | Adrian Williams 12/3/2020

10 min arms toning | Olivia Amato 12/7/2020

I think that sums it up! If you have any other questions, drop them in the comments! Let’s catch a class together, neverbeensoFIT is my leaderboard name! And I’m always sharing favorite classes and stacks on instagram, so be sure to follow along!

Happy Pelotoning!

Peloton Q+A | What you Need to Know | Never Been So


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