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Put On Something Pretty

Who else is a creature of the weather? The mid-60s last week were a huge tease, I had neverbeenso thrilled to put my big coat away. However, the weekend finally arrives and it’s cold, rainy and just plain dreary. I was more than ready to stay in and finally finish up…

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Product Review: COR Waterproof Backpack

In the last few years, I have become increasingly more interested in outdoor activities; however, I still struggle with packing.  Not only does my 20-something body temperature fluctuate like a menopausal woman (layers are key), my mood is heavily affected by the weather.  So, whether it be for a day…

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Super Bowl: DIY Flatbread BAR

As I’ve mentioned before, leftovers are not my thing. But so as not to waste food, I try my hardest to transform the leftovers into something new. Recently after a party, we had a ton of leftover shredded buffalo chicken and meatballs. And what’s one to do with leftover shredded chicken…

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Baltimore Food and Drink: Snowmageddon 2016

One really huge benefit of living in the city of Baltimore is that most everything is walking distance. And with that, when the rest of the DC/Baltimore area frets and ransacks every grocery store in a 10 mile radius, us city-dwellers still have options; neverbeenso thankful. |And really, who wants…

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Wind Down Wednesday: Yes To Paper Masks

It’s that time of the week again, you’ve made it, you’re halfway through! Now, it’s time to take 15 minutes for yourself! So far in this series, I’ve touched on the relaxing benefits of adult coloring and Buddha Boards. I’ve neverbeenso excited to share with you my next little wind down…

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