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NBS Holiday Gift Guide 2020 : Wellness

2020 has thrown a lot at us and the only way I’m personally making it through is focusing on what I can control by taking care of myself and my family, whether that be getting outside for some fresh air, adding in some new supplements, exercising, eating right etc. This…

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NBS Holiday Gift Guide 2020 : Small Business Spotlight

If you guys have been following me for awhile, you know that I am a huge supporter of small businesses and bonus points if they’re local to me! I typically do small business spotlights on a weekly basis and during the holidays, its more important than ever! Over the years,…

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NBS Holiday Gift Guide 2020 : For the Home

The ‘for the home’ gift guide is always one of my favorites! This is usually a compilation of items I own/love or items I’ve had my eye on and hoping Santa takes a look! I’m a sucker for home gadgets yet somehow never have enough and I have a feeling…

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NBS Holiday Gift Guide 2020 : For the Men

This is how the conversation goes with all the men in my life around the holidays! Me : “What do you want for Christmas?” Them : “Nothing” Me : “Come on, you have to want something!” Them : “I have everything I want, what do you want?” Me : goes…

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NBS Holiday Gift Guide 2020 : For the Women

It’s hard to believe my first holiday gift guide of 2020 is live! Like what? Where did this year go?! But as I sit here and stare at my tree(s) that have been up since November 2, I can’t help but feel behind! Everyone is shopping earlier this year, including…

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