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Surviving Survivor’s Guilt

I’ve been having a lot of feels lately with all that’s going on with the devestation created by Hurricane Harvey and Irma and the 9/11 remembrance, so I decided to share something pretty heavy. Here goes.  Empathy is something we, as a society, face daily between the natural disasters, mass…

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DIY Wine Bottle Guest Book for Bridal Shower and/or Wedding

This is a super easy Wedding Wednesday DIY that anyone can do! I knew I wanted something at my bridal shower for the special women in my life to pass along their advice for our marriage. I thought it might be neat to read some of these things later down…

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Hate Less, Love More

Four simple, four-letter words. Yet it is a foreign concept to so many. I sat in awe as I watched the events unfold this past weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. I sat in awe because I refuse to become numb to the hate and violence. I refuse to “get used to”…

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The Revolutionary Way to Consignment Shop

I’ve been a fan of consignment shopping since my love for fashion began. It started in college when I was nannying for a family in Towson. The mom of the family mentioned selling her clothes at local consignment shops. While I wish she would have just donated them to her broke, college nanny (she had…

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Blackberry Mezcal Cooler

So we basically went from 50 degrees and rainy to 98 degrees and humid in the matter of a week. Other than living in the breeziest of clothes, a refreshing drink is how I keep cool in summer. We went up to visit some friends in NYC a few weekends…

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