let’s be real, food is my jam. there is something so soothing about being in the kitchen and creating; this is a collection of the recipes I’ve neverbeenso hungry for and the places I’ve neverbeenso happy to eat at.

Lavender and Chamomile Shortbread Cookies

The holidays are fast approaching and baking is something I love to do around this time of year. While these super easy truffles are my holiday specialty, this year I whipped up these amazing shortbread cookies and I think they’ll be an absolute staple in my house. Sahadi’s, a specialty grocery…

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Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Coffee Cake

I used to be a baking queen, but as of late, I’ve gotten so lazy in the kitchen. I think this partly has to do with being frustrated with the size of our kitchen and lack of space. I think the other factor in this is that our small kitchen…

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Blackberry Mezcal Cooler

So we basically went from 50 degrees and rainy to 98 degrees and humid in the matter of a week. Other than living in the breeziest of clothes, a refreshing drink is how I keep cool in summer. We went up to visit some friends in NYC a few weekends…

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Tapas In The City is Every Baltimore Foodie’s New BFF {Discount Inside}

I’m about as indecisive as they come, especially when it comes to food. I will spend a ridiculous amount of time scanning a menu online for a restaurant to then head over to Instagram and Yelp to see which photos look the most appealing to then agonize even further once…

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How to Eat Your Way Through A Long Weekend in San Diego and More

In the second of the never been so wanderlust ‘long weekend’ series, we head to San Diego. The city of San Diego is the land known for being ‘sunny and 75’ year round. It’s the place of the happiest souls. Which is the main reason we chose to escape Baltimore’s…

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