traveling is a beautiful luxury and at this point in my life I have neverbeenso wanderlust – i want to GO all the time; this is a collection of recommendations, suggestions, the places I’ve seen and the places I want to go.

Never Been So Wanderlust: Introduction

Traveling has always been an activity that thrills me. However, the planning.. not so much. I screenshot food I want to eat and scenery I must shoot, but that’s pretty much where my ‘travel planning’ ends. Thankfully I married the planner of all planners when it comes to travel who…

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11 Baltimore Restaurants Doing Deviled Eggs Right

For this week’s 180 Wednesday, I’m talking about DEVILED EGGS! I know I’m not the only one who despised these little suckers as a kid (or up until a month ago). Of course deviled eggs have features to dislike (i.e. smell, preparation); however, they’ve never been so on the top of my cravings list.…

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10 Eateries You Must Visit in Charleston, SC

As stated in my post about the charm of Charleston, I told you I wanted to bring you a post solely devoted to it’s divine food culture, and what better time to do that than at the start of the Charleston Wine + Food Festival. Last year I volunteered at…

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Southern Charm: Charleston, SC

Exactly one year ago, I arrived for my two-month stint in Charleston, SC. I left  just in time to say goodbye to the snow that was hitting Maryland. If you’ve never been to Charleston, you need to book a flight, rent a car, charter a boat |whatever you have to…

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Product Review: COR Waterproof Backpack

In the last few years, I have become increasingly more interested in outdoor activities; however, I still struggle with packing.  Not only does my 20-something body temperature fluctuate like a menopausal woman (layers are key), my mood is heavily affected by the weather.  So, whether it be for a day…

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