traveling is a beautiful luxury and at this point in my life I have neverbeenso wanderlust – i want to GO all the time; this is a collection of recommendations, suggestions, the places I’ve seen and the places I want to go.

Baltimore Food and Drink: Snowmageddon 2016

One really huge benefit of living in the city of Baltimore is that most everything is walking distance. And with that, when the rest of the DC/Baltimore area frets and ransacks every grocery store in a 10 mile radius, us city-dwellers still have options; neverbeenso thankful. |And really, who wants…

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Comfort Zone Challenge: Amazon Rainforest

When we were planning our last big trip, we instantly knew it’d be in South America, but we weren’t exactly sure what country we’d visit. We did A LOT of research and finally decided we’d visit Peru. It seemed to have the most bang for our buck (and time) when…

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Product Review: Tubular Original Buff Headwear

Before our trip to Peru this year, we wandered around REI for awhile seeing what shiny new things we could purchase. As I was browsing, I came across something that looked like a cross between a scarf and a headband; having no idea what it was, I picked it up…

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11 Reasons to Visit Yellowstone Right Now [As Told Through Pictures]

Yellowstone National Park. I can’t say this destination was on the top of my bucket list when Will presented the idea to me. HOWEVER, I’m here to tell you right now, PUT IT AT THE TOP. Our trip to Yellowstone was one of the most majestic trips I’ve ever been on; I’ve…

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