30 Pre-Wedding Party Whites ON SERIOUS SALE

If you have a wedding coming up this year (congrats!), you’re probably in the thick of planning and  have yet to take a second to think about all of the fun parties in store, such as your bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and FINALLY the big day! While the big…

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NBS BITES: Snake Hill Grill

If I had to describe Snake Hill Grill in one word, it would be ‘Eclectic’ – no wait, ‘Intrigue’- actually, ‘Savory’ – oh hell, I can’t pick just one. This is one of Baltimore’s newest additions to its food fellowship, and I have to say Snake Hill is bringing the…

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Read Smarter with Blinkist

The non-fiction world is booming with much more exciting categories than the usual historic pieces I would normally associate with NF. I am constantly seeing titles I’d like to dive into, whether it’s how to meditate, how to combat stress, how to be your own boss or how to find time to…

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Gold Sequin is Always a Good Idea 

Especially when it’s on sale! Gold sequin shouldn’t come alive only on New Years Eve! Make it a part of your every day and people will sure to notice your sparkle. This blazer is on SALE at South Moon Under for $50! Pair it with basic blacks and prepare to…

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2015 Best 15

Today I got to thinking about 2015, fitting as there’s only one day left #procrastination. As I started reflecting, I came to the determination that 2015 has been my best year thus far. It’s safe to say I had a healthy mix of the good and the bad; I had some really…

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