Look For Less: Duck Boots

I’ve wanted duck boots for awhile now, but every time I’ve gone to order them from L.L. Bean , they’re out of stock. Well no surprise, this Holiday season. My mom went to order them for me as a Christmas gift, and we were shocked that the arrive date was March…

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Stuffing Stuffed Acorn Squash

Let me start out by saying I am NOT a fan of leftovers. AT ALL. However, somehow we always end up with mounds of them in our refrigerator (thanks, Mom). In the past, we’ve been really bad with not making the most of our leftovers, so this year I decided…

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Wind Down Wednesday: Buddha Boards

I started off this Wind Down Wednesday series a few weeks back with my post on adult coloring. Not only do I want to share the ways I’ve found to deal with stress best, but writing is one of my favorites, so why not kill two birds with one stone (pats).…

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Healthy Deep Dish Cookie Pie

Will this rain ever stop?! It’s been two full days of nothing but RAIN. And what’s worse is by the time I get home it’s dark, so there really is no getting me to do anything productive after work. All I want to do is Netflix & NOM. This deep…

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Mexican Chocolate Pecan Pie 

  Need I say more here? Probably not, but I will.. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Every Thanksgiving I try a different rendition of a pecan pie. Last year it was whiskey pecan pie, but let’s just say whiskey-1, me-0. This year I was inspired by Chef Marcela’s Mexican Chocolate Pecan Pie. This recipe…

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