The 90s Are Coming Back to Nickelodeon (Again) Via The Splat!

I was born in the late 80s, but really grew up in the 90s. My life was consumed by boy bands, AOL (what up Smarterchild), Skip-Its and of course, Nickelodeon. I got style from Clarissa, humor from All That, aspiration from GUTS and terror from Are you Afraid of The Dark. Back in 2011, TeenNick…

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Patchwork Denim with Simplicity, Prints & Color!

I’ve been into the patchwork denim as of late, but have yet to come across some that fit well into my budget; so I made this collection to show exactly how I would pair it up! I think a couple of simple staples, such as a basic tee and solid…

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Floral Wide Legs

I live in the SALE section as much as I possibly can nowadays. With a wedding coming and trying to save for a house, I’ve found myself cutting back where it makes sense, although I can’t cut my shopping habit completely, of course. But you can find some really great…

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Layers Are My Favorite

Finally, the air is crisp and what goes perfect with crisp air? LAYERS LAYERS LAYERS. That is what Fall is all about and I’ve neverbeenso ready this year. I’ve seen tons of cool prints out this season, don’t be afraid to mix it up! Check out this casual look that…

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DIY Pizza Slice + Delivery Boy Couples Costume

Halloween is fast approaching. My friends and I like to go with DIY costumes, they’re cheaper and usually more original than what you can find at any Halloween store. Last year we went as pizza slices and delivery boys! We found this awesome idea on Studio DIY and changed it up just…

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