traveling is a beautiful luxury and at this point in my life I have neverbeenso wanderlust – i want to GO all the time; this is a collection of recommendations, suggestions, the places I’ve seen and the places I want to go.

ARIZONA: A Long Weekend in Scottsdale + Sedona

This is the fourth stop on our Companion Pass 2017 Tour. So far we’ve hit Chicago, Charleston and San Diego. This trip we decided to tack on a state neither of us had been to. Heading out to the Southwest was something I’ve had on my list for some time and…

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How to Eat Your Way Through A Long Weekend in San Diego and More

In the second of the never been so wanderlust ‘long weekend’ series, we head to San Diego. The city of San Diego is the land known for being ‘sunny and 75’ year round. It’s the place of the happiest souls. Which is the main reason we chose to escape Baltimore’s…

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They Should Teach Skin Care in College

My skin is something I’ve struggled with for quite some time and still do. Sometimes I feel like I missed this life lesson. |Please tell me I’m not alone| One second it’s super oily, the next I’m shedding skin. My pores are giant. And I constantly have white/black heads, my…

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Coordinates Are The New Black 

I’ve always been a hoarder of mementos. That ‘best friends’ necklace from middle school, that thirteenth birthday card from Grandma, that playlist from freshman year in college; if it relates to a significant memory, I most likely still own it. I love the way I’m instantly taken back and filled…

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Never Been So Wanderlust: A Long Weekend in Chicago |First Visit|

Will and I recently earned Southwest Companion Status (and by recently, I mean two weeks ago) and told ourselves if we got it we’d take full advantage of the perk over the next year. So, we hopped on SW and within a few days time, we had a trip booked!…

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